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It’s official, every iPod accessory has now been made

Admit it, your parties suck. What you need is a 5-foot tall, 12-pound inflatable BoomBox to kick your party into high gear. Too bad no one has thought to capitalize on this un-catered to market… UNTIL NOW, THAT IS!

Behold the iBig Box, “The World’s Biggest Music Player“, because we all know bigger is better, and big and red is the best there can be. Just plug your iPod (or any audio source) into this thing, and you’ll have more friends than you can shake an inflatable stick at, which is good, because you’ll need them all to help you blow it up, as a pump is not included.

The iBig Box will only set you back $60 (plus your dignity), a small price to pay for such a marvel of engineering. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Alan for the link!

5 Responses to “It’s official, every iPod accessory has now been made”
  1. Uber Eterpay says:

    Good lord!

    I would think that anybody buying this would only have inflatable friends… And those aren’t the kind of parties you really want to be going to, now are they?

  2. Jimzip says:

    Ah! Pure genius!

    My favourite part of this is the whole thing. However I do see one slight shortcoming, someone at your über party getting little tipsy and trying to jump on top of it.. Yes… that’s the only shortcoming…

    Jimzip 😀

  3. sal says:

    ok this REALLY needs to stop .
    like right now
    and stuff

  4. Sgt. Pepper says:

    Cant global warming hurry up and kill the people over at iBoombox!

  5. goony mc goon goon says:

    this is the crappy st idea i have ever seen. i hop the the person that bought is gets drunk at there party pops it then they will relize how f##king gay they are. you would have be the most retarded nerd ever to make this. gees. get a life pls

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