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Obama’s site pushing the Mac

Faithful Macenstein reader Felipe writes:

Hey guys,

Seems like the Obama campaign likes Macs because aside from having a very sleek Apple-like website, the downloads page shows not only an iPhone but a MacBook Air!
Just thought you could use this for a slow news day. haha

Macenstein faithful,

Well, you’re in luck Felipe, today is indeed a slow news day (oh, and you missed the cinema display). Normally we try to steer clear of politics here at Macenstein, (trust us, we’ll never bring up the death penalty again!) but when one of the three people running for President seems to be openly Pro Mac, well we have to report that. We’ve already read reports early on that Obama’s wife bought Barack and his kids MacBooks so they could video chat while on the road, so it looks like there’s a decent chance we might finally get a Mac in the White House.

Now, I’m not saying we should all rush out and vote for the most openly pro-Apple candidate (although people do support candidates for sillier reasons). But I’ll tell you what… if Hillary or McCain is photographed using a NeXT computer, they’ll get my vote for sure!

26 Responses to “Obama’s site pushing the Mac”
  1. Lucas Cantor says:

    Hahahaha. I honestly don’t know how I would react to McCain using something from NeXT…

    Anyway, it looks like the MacBook on the Obama site is an Air. Yet another example of how his campaign is constantly keeping up to date, and minute, unlike his opponents.

  2. Stuff says:

    Obama uses a Mac for his racist agenda and tax-hungry policies? Oh wow! That’s just the sort of person we want involved with and to some degree representing the Mac. Nice.

  3. Ethan says:

    Wow, Stuff, you just have to go and make this political. At first it was just about a website. Why try to bring this to such a subjective and controversial topic?

    Go away please.

  4. choadi says:

    He would never use the MacBook… it would seem “too white”.

  5. filecat13 says:

    “Stuff” uses macenstein for his racist and narrow-minded rants? Oh wow! That’s just the sort of person we want involved in the Mac community and to some degree setting the tone of Mac commentary and discourse. Nice.

  6. Keep Away from Politics says:

    Why are Macs associated with Liberals? (Actually in Obama’s case a racist progressive with Marxist tendencies.) His policies are nonexistent and his campaign is based on populism. I guess for Obama, all he has is the “hip” factor, since he has no substance.

    I just feel like the Mac is being maligned when it is associated with any political party. (Trust me, they all suck.)

  7. Wingnut says:

    Macintosh images on their webpage don’t necessarily mean all *that* much. Here’s a linking to a company site which greets you with an edited image of a MacBook:


    The Clintons have been using Macs for decades, especially the male one when he was in the White House. Doesn’t that make them OK, too? 🙂

  8. brent Mason says:

    W is a Mac user and has macs in the White House now.

    However, I believe bringing Macs into the political discourse is depressing.

  9. stuffbanger says:

    The mac is used pretty widely by the FBI, tons of political types on both sides of the aisle. Rush Limbaugh is a huge mac fan as is Al Gore.

    To think that one side ‘gets’ macs is to miss the whole point.

    I would imagine Obama has offered zero feedback on his website.. he’s been kind of busy.

  10. Terrin says:

    Last I recall Hillary and Bill Clinton stayed at Steve Jobs house in California for Chelsea Clinton’s graduation from Stanford. I suspect the Clintons are Apple users.

  11. keynote says:

    Wow Stuff and choadi – if this is what the general election is gonna be like it’s gonna be all-time ugly. There’s no need to crawl out from under your rocks – site designers like Macs – that’s all.

  12. Mike says:

    He’s got MY Vote!!

  13. christianecon.com says:

    Nice to see all the Sean Hannity-educated here showing off their parroting abilities.

  14. auramac says:

    I like that Obama uses Macs- another example of “good judgement.” Although, so do all the rest, even Limbaugh. I would hate politics dividing the Mac community, however, and I must say that I am and always will be profoundly shocked by the disgustingly racist and abusive comments that never seem to disappear on the internet and everywhere else- so much hatred not only in the world, but in this country. (A lot of this crap comes from people who have American flags flying on their cars- go figure..)

  15. Heroin says:

    W is not a Mac user, he’s a war criminal and the most un-American president we’ve ever had, implementing torture as policy and invading countries that have had nothing to do with 9/11. Real conservatives hate him as do real liberals. Plus, he has an IQ of about 60. The people who listen to Rush and Fox News for their propaganda/hero worship have been taught to distrust anyone with any real intelligence/policy ideas/plans for the future improvement of this country (such as Obama) and that’s sad. Obama’s a “racist” or “Marxist”? That’s not just wrong, it’s not just inaccurate, it’s just gibberish.

  16. Lee says:

    It has been a LONG established fact that Steve Jobs is a HARDCORE “FRINGE” LIBERAL in his politics… I can’t say we see him doing much in putting “His money where His mouth” is, which is pretty typical for Liberals. That said, Apple may be donating the ‘Books or Jobs may be making them personal gifts.

    I agree, McCain should set up a Next ad.

  17. macmanjim says:

    Crikey…Now I’ll have to switch to Linux if Stimey gets elected. That just ruins it…

  18. MacDoc says:

    It was when Steve Jobs hired Randy Newman, the fierce Socialist ideologue, to give a Leftist anti-Bush, Anti-American rant at the conclusion of the MacWorld Expo last January, that Apple’s political colors “came out”. I walked out, and was very tempted to throw my badge up on the stage in protest. I will never attend another MacWorld Keynote again. Apple, keep making “insanely great” products and stay out of politics!

  19. Rob says:

    W may be all you say, but he is also a Mac user.

  20. Brian says:

    I had to wonder, after the Randy Newman bit, if that had anything to do with the stock tanking so much more than the others did. I kinda think it did. But I enjoyed it (the performance, NOT the stock tanking).

  21. Terrin says:

    I don’t know about that, but I know enough about the guy that he is very private in his personal affairs. I suspect if he donates, he doesn’t make a big deal about it. He doesn’t need his ego stroked.

    You write, “It has been a LONG established fact that Steve Jobs is a HARDCORE “FRINGE” LIBERAL in his politics… I can’t say we see him doing much in putting “His money where His mouth” is, which is pretty typical for Liberals.”

  22. Common Sense says:


    Too bad Apple doesn’t make tinfoil hats too. You’re in desperate need of one.

  23. Dommer says:

    GW Busch is a Mac user and an avid iPod fan. He even programs (creates his own playlist). This at least demonstrates that knucklheaded, racist candidates don’t have a monopoly on cool.

  24. drx1 says:

    OYE…. all this talk and little substance on Macs…

    and Bush Jr. invades terrorist countries that break UN sanctions & law and that have nothing to do with 9/11… so that is good, but he and his adminstration did a bad job of it (though I’m sure they could have done worse).

    Bush Jr’s biggest crime is bankrupting America … but that’s for another thread.

    So maybe this shows that anybody can be a Mac user?

    Now back to your regular Mac programming!

  25. geo says:

    I guess Monica must use a PC, ’cause everyone knows that PC’s s-u-c-k.

  26. lol again with the politics… Obama IS a Marxist, and Rush and W and Rove ARE Mac-users, and Al Gore and Steve Jobs are buddies… blah blah blah.

    I don’t think anyone trusts the government or the media. The best way to beat them is to tune all of them out. Don’t watch the news, don’t buy into trendy pop-culture, and don’t vote in big elections if you don’t participate in the small ones. If you want to change something, work on local level politics and ignore the guys on top.

    Most importantly, ALWAYS VOTE TO TAKE MONEY AWAY FROM THE GOVERNMENT. Unfortunately, money is power, so the best way to make the government less scary is to vote for candidates who will cut taxes, cut spending, cut waste.

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