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oh… my… GOD. Microsoft propaganda video redefines “suck”

Ok, let me just say that I work in the corporate video market, and I have seen a lot of bad shit go down, from Sopranos parodies to 24… but… Jesus Christ man.

“We’re gonna keep rockin with SP1!”

Good lord, does that mean there’s an SP2 video floating around somewhere out there? Most likely parodying the Bangles or Wall of Voodoo or some such?

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Art Vandalay for the link. Actually, wait, no! Damn you ART! How do I erase this from my brain?!?!

[via Engadget]

24 Responses to “oh… my… GOD. Microsoft propaganda video redefines “suck””
  1. acidscan says:

    I think Microsoft REALLY needs a new publicist and a brand
    new PR department…

  2. Bunyip says:

    That made m e vomit from the eyes.

  3. dlowe402 says:



  4. Andi says:

    Well, if this is what Microsoftees like ….

    This really bad example made me think about some very funny songs related to Apple:
    Once a year, at WWDC there is one session, where they do not do a Q&A at the end, instead, there is a Song about something important to remember when writing Apps fors Macs. The Band is James Dempsey and the Breakpoints, and its really funny for those who understand Cocoa and Objective C …. Try it out:

  5. Tice says:

    Haha, bohoo … OMG, … without words! : 0

  6. odin says:

    Who is the ugly chick he pulls on stage? Is it like Steve Ballmer’s daughter or some shit? She painfully reminds me of a drunken night and what I woke up next to the next morning… Too much mead.

  7. Kelly says:

    There are so many levels of amazement here. I am amazed that:
    1) someone came up with the idea.
    2) someone agreed with that person and allowed this to happen.
    3) no one in the filming, sound room, or at any level didn’t put a stop to this.
    4) they found people to participate.
    I could go on and on here. It’s so bad. Hard to believe it’s real.
    How did this happen?


  8. Ethan says:

    Stepping aside from an attempt at cleverness or humor here, since I don’t think I could pull it off with something as horrid as this…

    It is obviously some sad attempt at replicating the down-to-earth, ‘let’s be real about this’, kind of marketing that some companies are quite good at. That kind of marketing where it doesn’t seem like someone is just trying to sell you their product, but really wants to try and meet your needs, and they talk to you on a kind of personal level.

    Meh – having trouble expressing just what I’m talking about, but you get the idea. The problem is they absolutely…well there’s no words to describe how horrible this really is. They simply tried too hard, as this sort of thing can be really great, but must come naturally.

  9. Ethan says:

    Ahh…but now you’ve got me curious, Dr. Macenstein. What kind of work do you do, if I may ask?

  10. Bdubs says:

    What the! and you had to share this bad video with us, why did you make me watch this? I was having a good dayand it just got bad! thanks doc!

  11. Awesome piece of propaganda!
    Mac users don’t think the same but a small nucleus of Vista users are that extremist.
    Of course Microsoft army of salesmen have to be motivated.
    A salesman is not supposed to like the product he is selling, he just have to sell it.
    This is a masterpiece, not bad, just weird.
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. Els Rhijnsburger says:

    It’s so stupid and pathetic it made me laugh. Who wants to buy Vista after this? But then, Americans have a different sens of humor than say English or Dutch ….

  13. James Young says:

    hahahahahah …. oh my god, i can’t believe i actually sang along …. shame on me …

  14. mr Clicky says:

    I got to 2:07 before I started to retch and had to stop it, anyone beat that (the time not the retching)…?

  15. I am probably one of the few but I don’t find it that bad though it is very silly. Ultimately it’s a bunch of people in MS having some fun and if they have a budget for team things then why not? *shrug*

  16. Shervin says:

    Oh… My… God…

    bunch of freaks… they think stupid shitty crap video clip will improve the sell!
    just sell ur pc before even think of any SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4 and 5
    get a MAC and live your life…

  17. Graham says:

    I’d say it’s pretty successfull.

    This video feels like it raped me through my eyesockets but it’s circulating around the internet like wildfire.

    Clearly this is aimed at buisness users waiting for Vista SP1 and a lot of their target audiance uses the internet and won’t care about the quality of the video.

    From a marketing perspective this is genius. Since everyone has allready ruined their brand who cares if the quality of the video leaves yet another scar.

    They quickly got the information out. And you just helped them. Viral videos are fun. 🙂

  18. tcbritt says:

    “The problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. They have no taste and I don’t mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way.”

  19. Josh says:

    I want those 3 minutes of my life back…

  20. MarFan says:

    I just wasted 3:02… for what?

  21. Flikflauder says:


    I have just gone blind.

    I have never seen such a crap from a multi billion $ company trying to sell to the business. To be honest this video will prevent me from migrating to vista. Too unprofessional just like the whole vista product itself.

  22. imajoebob says:

    I hate that taste of vomit in the back of my throat.

    This isn’t even funny-bad.

  23. Keith says:

    WOW!! Just WOW!! I actually felt my IQ dropping as I watched that. The sad thing is I couldn’t look away, like a car accident you drive past and wait for the head to roll out of the car when they open the door. Although the chick, (that was supposed to be Courtney Cox), was pretty close to being the head.


  24. Javier says:


    They just burned my fucking eyes. I Think i´ll get a guide dog, preferably a Rottweiler, will take a plane to redmind and see if i cant find someone from PR, just to see if he can replace my eyes with his. Will bring a teaspoon if that helps.

    Holy shit…

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