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Oh Nosferatu, when will you learn!?

If you like reading your vampires movies as much as I do, you’ll want to head on over to the Internet Archive and pick up your free copy of Nosferatu, the 1922 silent horror classic. It’s more or less exactly like renting I Am Legend, only it’s FREE!

There’s a 207 MB iPod compatible MP4 version (see me stretch to hit that Apple angle?) ready for downloading, and if you forgo headphones (thus saving you from the ill-conceived music choices) you will enjoy seeing one of the best-loved Vampire characters ever to make a Spongebob cameo.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Chaplare for the link.

4 Responses to “Oh Nosferatu, when will you learn!?”
  1. dbr says:

    You can also get one of the original films based of the “I Am Legend” book – “The Last Man on Earth” – it’s a shame the quality (not of the film, but the digitization) seems to be pretty bad.

    (Also, there is two reCaptcha thingys on this page, one above the submit comment button, and another below..?)

  2. Jonro says:

    Who knew? This is a great resource. Thanks for posting it.

  3. Jonathan AKA Chaplare says:

    Aye, a great resource,also if your a Deadhead, they’ve got quite an awesome selection of live Grateful Dead concerts… and the wayback machine is most useful for retrieving things off websites that no longer exist as well as the fun of checking out the internet of by gone days…

  4. steve says:

    The person who wrote this blog is shit. How could you say it is exactly like renting I Am Legend? Do you choose to be misleading? Along with what you said about it being one of the best vampire films in spongebob camios etc. whatever. This is the most awesome image concieved of a vampire to date. and the most brilliantly filmed. No need to relate it to trash.

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