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Video: Conan O’Brien using iChat to chat with Max Weinberg/LaBamba

Wow. When we witnessed his insane laughter during that horrible Windows Media Center debacle, we just knew Conan O’Brien was a Mac user. Well, faithful Macenstein reader Jamie Haggett was able to put some proof in our pudding this afternoon. Jamie gave us a heads up that on last night’s episode Conan was seen using iChat on a MacBook Pro to chat with absentee drummer Max Weingberg(aka “dummerboymax08”), currently on tour with Bruce Springsteen (Conan actually claims to have bought Max a MacBook as well). When Max predictably had nothing to say, Conan brought in fellow bandmate LaBamba for a 3-way video chat, with equal electricity. Nice to see iChat AV hold up to an HD broadcast.

I decided to grab it from, hopefully Conan doesn’t mind a little viral marketing… Enjoy.

7 Responses to “Video: Conan O’Brien using iChat to chat with Max Weinberg/LaBamba”
  1. Uber Eterpay says:

    You know, I just love seeing things like this, and then listen to people down the Mac.

    On live television, the ease of use is astounding! Try doing that with Vista…

  2. Jonro says:

    I wonder how much Apple paid for that giant product placement advertising.

  3. darrell says:

    probably not as much as the media buy for the Dell ad that followed.

    i haven’t done a video chat in leopard yet – does it seem like there was a delay in this clip?

  4. Mike says:

    It’s funny (and kinda sad) but I’ve seen so many of Steve Jobs’ keynote speeches that I was half expecting the crowd to ooh and ahh when Conan switched to the fancy three way chat.

  5. Art Vandelay says:

    Ya, same with me! I was totally expecting the RDS to kick in, and was wondering what was wrong. Funny…

  6. Cheryl says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about! I have used my sister’s Mac a few
    times but when I read info about Mac’s it’s like reading a foreign language haha!
    I’ve never owned one myself.

  7. bored2death says:

    I converted over my entire family to Mac’s by simply REFUSING to reinstall their shitty Wintel machines any more.

    My family & I use iChat to each other across the world. Im not there to hand hold them but you know what? They use their Mac’s daily with virtually ZERO problems.

    I was’nt there to show them how to use iChat but they picked it up & used it with only minimal help.

    Wintel users can diss Apple all they like but many MANY people are daily discovering the big con of Wintel.

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