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Why won’t celebrities buy a F*$%ing case for their MacBooks?

OK. This is now getting ridiculous. Why can’t celebrities take proper care of their MacBooks?

First Jennifer Aniston, then Heather Graham. OK, they’re just girls, what do they know? (just kidding, ladies!)

But now here we have George Clooney and Jude Law both dangerously flailing their Macs around as if they were Michael Jackson with a baby.

I mean, what if it should fall? It’s not like they could afford to just run out and buy a new one if they…drop… oh wait. Nevermind.

Actually, Jude Law appears to be carrying around an iBook, so maybe he can’t afford a new one. Time to splurge for a $20 case with a strap, Jude!

Thanks to faithful Macenstein readers Nate and Roger for the pics.

[images via GeekSugar, PacificCoastNews, and UseMyComputer.

17 Responses to “Why won’t celebrities buy a F*$%ing case for their MacBooks?”
  1. bored2death says:

    Because its a status symbol.
    They don’t use them anymore than they use their designer watches or any of the other status symbols they tote around.

  2. airfang says:

    I think they just wanted to show the pristine beauty of their machines 🙂 they can always afford another machine yet they cannot afford not letting people sighting their shiny gadgets

  3. Mr Clicky says:

    Most are carrying their ‘logo-out’…a condition of getting freebies from Apple perhaps…

  4. Beezer says:

    Agreed, most likely freebies from Apple.

  5. R says:

    If you notice the angle of their arms, you can see the letter “L.” They all belong to the same gang, the “Lavernes” and they’re flashing their gang sign to let the world know they mean business. Mess with them and they’ll go fundraiser on your ass.
    Clooney’s even conjuring up some protective spell doing the schlemiel, schlimazel two-step to ward off any paparazzi attackers.

    The macs are just a distraction, a cover to keep the heat off their trail.

  6. Zorin says:

    These people are rich; why are they settling for mere Macbooks when they can get Macbook Pros? o.O

  7. Jesper says:

    Maybe because they want something a bit more portable than the MacBook Pros? And if you Aniston and Clooney, they do infact have Pros.

  8. Chris says:

    “Most are carrying their ‘logo-out’…a condition of getting freebies from Apple perhaps…”

    If “most” equals half then I guess you are right.

  9. Chris says:

    BTW, I hate all of the sarcasm found on the internet. These are probably not freebies and they probably actually do use them. These are (mostly) rich people and they are unlikely to use computers as status symbols when just about anyone can afford them.

  10. Jason says:

    Because some people actually aren’t careless with their mac and therefore have no need for a case?

    Granted, maybe not these guys, but some people.

  11. Dave-O says:

    Because they would face plant before they let their computers come to harm. Duh!

  12. Weeber says:

    What with the freebies from Apple crap? This people are rich! They just want to show it off, part of the powerful Apple branding that never ceases to amaze me.

  13. dlowe402 says:

    Now, we wouldn’t have “Celebrity Mac Sightings” if they had a case. All we would have is a pic of drunken Lindsey Lohan calling her lawyer in her iPhone after another collision. If their Macs were in a case, we would say, “look at that loser. They probably have a crappy Dell in there and are ashamed to show the world how uncool they are.”

  14. Shawn McBee says:

    I don’t find it too unlikely that they know Steve Jobs and/or own Apple stock and Steve has used his Mojo on them and convinced them to walk around occasionally showing off their Apple gear for increased publicity/cool factor.

  15. Imagine Engine says:

    Maybe it’s just me but if you’re going to spend over $2000.00 on a MacBook wouldn’t you want to protect it with a laptop case instead of loosely carrying it around in your hand? I have over $10,000.00 CDN in both my MacBook Pro and software installed so I know the importance of protecting my assets. That is why I bought protection products such as my Marware CEO Milano leather case. I don’t make millions likes these actors do but at least I know the importance and value of protecting my property.

  16. Teegan says:

    I agree with airfang,
    These people don’t care if they break their macs. If they do – they will just go buy a new one… Also, they probably have the protection plan on their stuff, so any dents, scratches or other problems and they just send it back to apple…that is assuming they even own the same hardware long enough to inflict damage. Seriously, they probably get new stuff every 6 months – and if they are concerned about the money, they could just sell their old stuff on ebay to pay for the new one, because who doesn’t want the laptop that some hot chick sat in bed with?

  17. font9a says:

    are you kidding? they’re made of unobtanium, right? only adamantium is stronger and harder.

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