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(Alleged) Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Eva Longoria

Well, I have no photo proof of this one, but it being slow news day, and me always on the lookout for an excuse to run a hot picture of a female celebrity, I figured I would go ahead and take the word of one of our most faithful readers, Robert J Taylor.

Robert writes:

So, in November 2006 I was in Southern California for a job interview (remote Perl application developer with a Santa Monica employer…didn’t work out) and on the flight back (Continental) I met a Mac user at the LAX terminal. She was sitting with her mother and a friend and using a large Mac Pro (probably MacBook). I asked her the following, “How did you end up with a Mac?” She said, “I went to the store…and…bought it…?” I said, “I ask because most people buy PCs, but you are obviously very smart.” She said, “Oh, ok, how do you know?” I said, “My Mac is right over there” — I pointed to my PowerBook G4 sitting nearby at the gate.

Later, on the plane, my neighbor asked if I saw the celebrity in First Class (the same woman with the Mac). I said, “Who is she?” “Eva Longoria, of course,” was the answer.

The geek that I am I didn’t know who she was, only that she had an awesome Mac.

My friends say that this story defines me, for some reason. Oh well.

– Robert J Taylor

I believe Robert’s story 100%, mainly because I believe anyone who uses their middle initial in correspondences. It more or less tells me they are too busy to make up lies just to jerk me around. As for Robert’s blown chance to act like a star-struck stalker, well, in Robert’s defense, celebrities often look a lot different in person, and if Eva didn’t have a garden hose with her I might not recognize her either.

Oh, and Eva, if that was not in fact you Robert saw in the airport, please send us a couple pictures of you with that same garden hose and outfit holding whatever computer you DO own. Just so we can verify. Thanks!

7 Responses to “(Alleged) Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Eva Longoria”
  1. Jonro says:

    I wouldn’t have recognized her either. But, geek that I am, if she smiled at me I might have asked her out ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Jonro,
    A REAL geek would not have the balls to ask her out. You’re a stud.
    -The Doc

  3. mangochutney says:

    Mmmh, Eva Longoria, thanks Doc.

    But that is indeed something I found very interesting since I bought my MBP:

    When you’re sitting somewhere with your Mac on a table/your lap and another Mac user comes around they usually start a conversation. You immedately share stories of how you ended up buying it, and within minutes you have 2 or more recommendations for accessories and at least 5 links with interesting info or tips/tricks.
    And the best thing is, that they dont bother if they use a six year old Mac-lappie. It is even cooler then.

    While there are exceptions I found the usual meetup of PC users rather unpleasant, even if you happen to have the same brand. Before even the first word is spoken they check if they have a better notebook and you can see the result of that query on their face:
    “Yeah, yeah, nice one, aha, but mine is better, now geddaway!”

    Good morning Macenstein!

  4. cMET says:

    Wow, sounds clichรƒยฉ. But hey, that’s how it usaually starts.

    Next time Robert meets her, she’ll think that he’s some kind of famous person. And t”Here We Go Again(“& again, do it again. ohoo who.”)”

  5. Killer's Dad says:

    I think you’ve defined the PC vs Mac conundrum precisely.

    With PC owners, especially laptop owners in public, it’s a matter of PCeenus Envy among techno-weenies.

    With Mac owners it’s a matter of shared respect and community among highly intelligent people who enjoy techno-weenie-less computing. Got a Mac, go forth and proper.

  6. txpunk says:

    please find the pic. Now more that ever

  7. MacSmiley says:

    I find that people who have a middle name beginning with J are more likely to use their middle initial online. ๐Ÿ˜€

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