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And he couldn’t have done it without his iPhone

Above: Is it just me, or does Blaine’s magical “blue ball” look familiar…?

David Blaine set a new world’s record live on the Oprah Winfrey show last week for the amount ot time a human being can hold his breath, and he owes it all to his iPhone. Well, his iPhone, and the can of pure oxygen he crammed his lungs with before the stunt. Oh, and an insane desire to be famous.

According to the Associated Press:

Demonstrating his focus on Wednesday’s challenge, Blaine showed off the screensaver on his iPhone: It’s a chart listing how long various types of mammals can hold their breath, on average.
For humans it’s 1 minute. Platypuses can hold their breath for 10 minutes, hippos for 15 minutes, beavers 20 minutes, and bottlenose whales 120 minutes.
“I think my real competition is the beaver,” Blaine said, smiling, “not the bottlenose whales.”

Perhaps the most magical thing about this stunt is that Blaine’s iPhone has a screensaver, as I know MINE doesn’t, nor does any other that I have ever seen…

Like most of Blaine’s stunts, this was ultimately pointless, yet entertaining. Blaine was able to hold his breath for an impressive 17 minutes and 4 seconds, beating the previous Guinness record of 16 minutes and 32 seconds set by Switzerland’s Peter Colat earlier this year, who one assumes, now questions his role in life.

Of course, if Blaine had any balls, he would have chosen a more difficult record to go after. Currently I am attempting to set the Guinness record for “the most consecutive blog post featuring sarcasm”. I am currently at 1336. Wish me luck.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Kelly for the tip!

[Update: If you care, below is the actual breath chart Blaine used. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Justin Robert Young over at]

Above: DAMN! Blaine beat the Sea Cow! Somebody’s gonna be pissed…

10 Responses to “And he couldn’t have done it without his iPhone”
  1. Jonro says:

    Kind of impressive. There is a huge difference between floating motionless in a tank and free diving in the ocean. He could have done this stunt sitting on Oprah’s sofa with a plastic bag wrapped around his head, although it wouldn’t have looked as impressive.

  2. Cheney says:

    But did Oprah get the information she wanted out of him?

  3. imajoebob says:

    I’ve never found Blaine even remotely entertaining (or interesting) except when I moved to London. I was unaware that he was doing his “Man In A Box” stunt on/over Southbank on the Thames. Blaine, himself, wasn’t entertaining, but the derision of passersby and the numerous egg stains on the plxiglas box were.

  4. you says:

    its a freakin co incidence man !! he didnt steal it from apple.. wtf are you just doin the whole day lookin crap on tv and compare it with apple icons or apple stuff?? get a fucking life man !

  5. KenC says:

    A nice write-up in a NYTs blog on Blaine’s world record. Pretty amazing to go 17mins without breathing.

  6. Hrryank says:

    …and you feel the need to come on here and bitch and moan about the observation. How awesome is that!

    (In other words, if you’re gonna tell someone to get a life, it might help if you have one yourself)

  7. Bride of Macenstein says:


  8. odin says:

    “You” is David’s stalker Heidi Feirstein… she is a bit defensive about him.

  9. Scott Xavier says:

    Davids great. He is truly a warm caring individual. Im glad he holds the record, it couldn’t of happened to a better person.

    And D’s a mac man thats cool.

  10. David Blaine says:

    David is a tool, all he does is play with his shriveled up chode

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