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God, I hope not…

Engadget has shots from French iPhone site iPhone.fr of what is reported to be the next gen iPhone, and if it is, in the words of the Jerky Boys: “God help us Jesus, God and baby Jesus help us!”

If legit, it looks like Apple has farmed out its design duties to LG, and contracted with some company to create the world’s most scratch-prone plastic material known to man. I’m thinking/hoping/praying it’s a fake. The timing of these photos seems to suspiciously coincide with the release yesterday of alleged iPhone 2.0 form factor specs. I smell Photoshop. Doesn’t that Apple logo look a little crooked?

7 Responses to “God, I hope not…”
  1. blue mac group says:

    that is the worst photoshop job i have ever seen! it looks like a monkey with a computer did it

  2. Jonro says:

    Doesn’t look legit to me, unless it is a smaller, less expensive model. If that were the case, this is probably a prototype that doesn’t completely reflect the final design.

  3. It’s not even nearly as good-looking as the current iPhone. Plus, the screen looks smaller. The last thing the iPhone needs is a smaller screen.

    Maybe it will look better if photographed properly or actually seen in person.

    In any case, I think it’s just another baseless rumour. That looks like a Chinese knock-off to me.

    1. There’s no way someone untrustworthy enough to actually photograph and post the iPhone on the Internet is going to be trusted with an actual unit. No chance. The software department working on Apple products doesn’t know what the hardware looks like and vice-versa. Do you really expect some random nobody to be able to lay their hands on it? No chance.

    2. If this dude did have access to the second generation iPhone, wouldn’t he have wanted to take a video of the interface being used, etc.?

    3. The back seems to be plasticky. No Apple product uses that kind of material for the back. Apple always prefers to use (shiny) metals.

  4. Tex says:

    It’s sad that they didn’t (couldn’t) turn the phone on to prove it’s an “iPhone”… awfully scratched up too for a prototype. Terrible (horrible) Photoshop job…

  5. Kev says:

    Yeah, not legit. Check out the logo, it’s too fat and squished. And if it’s so new and the back is already scratched up like that, I’m not sure how big of a hit it will really be. Besides, the old design was working for them well, the iMac and the Air are both inspired by that design, and it’s definitely not yet old.

  6. imajoebob says:

    Not that we don’t have better things to do, but…

    In the left photo there’s a nice metallic base reflecting the hand. But turn it over and suddenly it’s black? On t right there’s no small print beneath the iPhone text, and you can see the line where the metal and plastic meet.

    And it looks like this guy shut his fingers in the car door a few times. Never mind the razor sharp right edge.

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