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Got 8 monitors? Then you’ll love VMware’s Fusion 2

If you’re like me, the only reason you have not bought a copy of VMware’s Fusion is its lack of support for running on 8 simultaneous monitors (well, that, and after buying 8 monitors we couldn’t afford to buy food, much less Fusion). Well, looks like the folks at VMware want us to starve, as their forthcoming Fusion 2.0 is looking pretty kick-ass, and yes, we can finally run 8 monitors worth of Vista crapiness on our Macs. Check out the video below. (Props go out to the use of Civilization IV in the DirectX 9.0 3D Acceleration graphics demo).

Version 2 beta is available as a free download now for those of you not scared of by the “prone to instability and bugs” warning on VMware’s site. When the final is released, it will be a free download to all v1 users, which is pretty damn nice of VMware, as I can’t remember the last time I saw a free upgrade from a v1 to v2 of any software.

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