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Samsung has a history of stealing Mac OS X icons

I’m not sure if rumors of Samsung using Safari in their new L870 handset are true or not – some say it simply means they are using a webkit-based browser, others say it is is actually Safari. Call me cynical, but I am betting Apple did NOT license the actual Safari app to another mobile phone company.

I’m a little wary of Samsung’s mobile division in general, as they have a history of stealing icons for their handsets from OS X.

Hmmm… that pencil and paper looks awfully familiar…

Remember 2 years ago our awesome article about Samsung stealing OS X (and even Windows) icons for use in their handsets? Of course you do! Well, until I hear otherwise from Apple, I’m going to go ahead and assume that’s what we have here as well.

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  1. redbrown says:

    Koreans have a looooong history of stealing ideas from others so it’s not surprising at all.

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