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The iPhone is “green” enough for Italy

While those Apple-hating, tree-hugging, Greenpeace hippies may have decided the iPhone is clubbing baby seals in the US, apparently the more reasonable folks over in Italy have the sense to look past the iPhone’s potential environmental concerns – even the Minister of Environment.

Above: Prestigiacomo(left) and Italy’s PM Berlusconi (right)

Faithful Macenstein reader Camillo Miller from over at the apple lounge has sent us this shot of Italy’s Minister of Environment Stefania Prestigiacomo taken from the front page of Italy’s La Stampa Newspaper.

Prestigiacomo seems pretty cool, as far as Environmental Prime Minister’s go – not above bending a few rules to have some fun. The fact that she even owns an iPhone in Italy is pretty wild. Since it is not officially for sale there, Prestigiacomo must have bought a Jailbroken iPhone out of the country or on the black market. But then, Italy is also the country where the Minister of Fair Opportunities (ie women’s equality) Mara Carfagna, posed for this picture (and thank God she did!), so I am more or less envisioning Italy’s Parliament being somewhat like Bartertown from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

6 Responses to “The iPhone is “green” enough for Italy”
  1. Sonyc says:

    Ha !

    Berlu having a Minister of Environment is like Bush having a Minister of Peace …

  2. acidscan says:

    She looks very apple fanboyist…

  3. odin says:

    Go Italy. I say this after catching that last link.

  4. marK C. says:

    Look at that Berlusconi’s creature 🙂
    a Minister with a hacked device…..

  5. Nat says:

    There is always a way to get something which is not completely legal… that’s the Italian way, gentlemen!

  6. macs says:

    i’m ashamed for new Italian Parliament, sorry 🙁

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