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Using the world’s oldest video game to pick up chicks

Is it possible to make the classic game Pong cool again? Yes, actually, it is, although these three dorks try their best to blow it.

Using their ginormous brains, these guys were able to create a 3-way game of Pong via iPod touches that are able to somehow sense each other, and pass the ball from unit to unit. It is a very cool proof-of-concept and an indicator of great things to come. In fact, it’s so cool, that approximately 1 minute 30 into the video you will hear the sounds of a woman who is about to freely offer herself to these men based solely on their amazing programming abilities. Unfortunately, the deal ultimately falls through because the one guy won’t stop yelling “BONG!” every time the ball hits.

And by the way, it’s “PONG!”

If only Apple had put a speaker on the touch, these guys would not have had to make their own sound effects, and their 3-way game of Pong might have turned into a 4-way game of something else.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Chris for the link!

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  1. Kirk Gray says:

    Pay attention Microsoft. This is how you throw a social!

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