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WTF? I am on a live podcast tomorrow?

Well, despite my best efforts to avoid it, I have been guilted into appearing on iPhoneAlley’s live podcast tomorrow, (8PM EST, 5PM PST) by my good friend Michael Johnston. (That is of course assuming I can get the kids to bed before then without falling asleep myself.)

So tune in – I think you guys can ask me questions, like “How come your blog is so awesome” and “Why can’t we send you money directly?”. (And ONLY those questions).

See ya there!

3 Responses to “WTF? I am on a live podcast tomorrow?”
  1. doppel says:

    i have a question… Where’s the May Mac Chick of the Month??? It’s already May 2nd going on May 3rd…

  2. Dave-O says:

    Oh, I’ve got a question about strings in iPhone firmware…

  3. doppel,
    She’s up now.
    well, luckily for you I think there will be a bunch of smarter people than me on the podcast to help you out with that question, as I have no clue about the iPhone’s firmware.
    -The Doc

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