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Apple looking for “Average to mildly attractive people with nice hands”

According to an unverified MacRumors source, Apple has placed the following casting call ad for actors and actresses for a commercial for an upcoming, unreleased product.

“Apple is look[ing] for a man and woman in their mid-20’s to film a demo of a new Apple product. They are not looking for recognizable faces or names, and ideally the person would be “average to mildly attractive with nice hands”. They must also have the ability to play the guitar or piano at an intermediate level.

What, no juggling? Oh wait, they need to be mildly attractive…

Since the ad is slated to begin shooting in 6 to 8 weeks, we doubt it is for the new iPhone. So, the question is, what new device could Apple be working on that combines both a keyboard, a piano, and nice hands?

Well, I did a little internet sleuthing, and came up with this patent picture that I feel is the only logical conclusion.

Furthermore, (and I apologize in advance) I found the below picture, which I imagine is a prototype ad for said device. WARNING: ONLY KEEP READING IF YOU HAVE NOT EATEN RECENTLY.

16 Responses to “Apple looking for “Average to mildly attractive people with nice hands””
  1. MacSheikh says:

    OMG!!! My eyes!!! :-O

  2. kuhndog says:

    i just threw up in my mouth a little bit..

  3. greg says:

    oh lordy doc… i really didnt expect that.

  4. darrell says:

    jeezz. wth? i guess it could be for android – but why would ‘Apple’ place casting calls? isn’t that job for their ad agency?

  5. Twenty5 says:


  6. odin says:

    The unholiness of it all…

  7. I didn’t know Apple patented Ravi Shankar

  8. Hazmat says:

    The goggles!! They do NOTHING!!!!!!!

  9. Florian says:

    Haha, it seems that you found the 2nd image too disgusting to put on your own server 😉

    Maybe Apple is putting TapTapRevolution or some kind of Guitar Hero on the iPhone as an extra app in 2.0 😛

  10. macky says:

    now that is think different

  11. where is the casting call URL?


  12. Tedious says:

    Dude!!! Something like that needs a unicorn chaser.

    (To get the “taste” out of my eyes.)

  13. Dave-O says:

    Ugh, to the pics of Emily Scott, stat!

  14. Tice says:

    Total contrast to all the celebrity Mac chicks! (:-(

  15. Lane says:

    He Really Rocks! (Bristish Accent)

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