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Is AppleInsider screwing with Apple Legal?

We’ve never had the pleasure to be served by Apple Legal, but I assume if we ever were, our first reaction would be “SWEEET! We finally made the big time!“, which would quickly be followed by “Oh Crap! Now what the hell do we do?!?!

Well, AppleInsider, having already made the big time a dozen times over, appears to be taking their latest Apple Legal correspondences in stride. Despite a fairly clear “NOT FOR POSTING” message across the top of said document, they have posted it about a half dozen times on the page of iPhone App Store info that brought down the wrath of Apple Legal in the first place.

So, did AppleInsider just not notice that line? Maybe. OR, maybe they found out what Nick Deplume got for his Apple Legal settlement, and are looking to begin their own negotiations. 🙂

3 Responses to “Is AppleInsider screwing with Apple Legal?”
  1. Alex says:

    AppleInsider may have to take down the pictures, but there’s no way they can stop AppleInsider from saying “A little birdie told me some possible details about the app store.” It’s kind of messed up that Apple would even suggest so.

  2. Joseph says:

    It’s a crazy overly legal world we live in boys.

    On a side note, where the hell is the June Mac chick of the month?!

  3. Anthony says:

    Apple Legal are just trying it on when they put “not for positing” in their letters. They know very well there is no legal basis for such a demand.

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