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Redefining “slow news day”: Testing Apple’s discussion forum quote indent level

Because it has to be done…

I was trying to figure out if Apple had any plans to actually get DVD@ccess working in a usable manner (for launching PDFs from a DVD) when I came across this forum post. As you can see, in the discussion between Gary Scotland and
frankev, the “reply” quote indent level gets very small at the bottom (about 6 words wide), yet does not seem to have plateaued before the post was marked “answered”.

So, in an attempt to redefine “slow news day”, I propose that we find out just how small the text box can get in the Apple Discussion forums. To that end, I have created a post in the “artbox” forums (yes, that’s right, for some reason Apple is hosting the artbox forums, which are less than hopping, as you can imagine). Please “reply” to my post, (well, to the most indented post in the chain, that is) and let’s see how far down the chain we can indent this. I’m hoping for 3 words or less.

(Oh, by the way, Apple apparently has NO plans to get DVD@ccess working in a usable manner).

6 Responses to “Redefining “slow news day”: Testing Apple’s discussion forum quote indent level”
  1. Colin says:

    You have definitely redefined slow news day. I know I’ve fallen prey to your little distraction and I bet there will be scores more replies up there soon.

  2. TheCos says:

    I wonder if Apple mods will be suspicious of a sudden increase in the artbox forum…

  3. Haha, well, yes, looks like Apple closed it down after 26 replies.

    Apple removed your post on Apple Discussions, titled “artbox is the shiznit,” because it contained the following:

    * Discussion of Apple Policies, Procedures or Decisions
    * Off-topic or non-technical posts

    We are including a copy of your post at the end of this email for your reference.

    And we were just about there… I suppose it is a secret that they alone can know.
    -The Doc

  4. kmoth says:

    @ TheCos:

    You sir may be right.
    I managed to get one reply in before the site said I “no longer have permissions to view the requested forum”

  5. SirCrumpet says:

    And you were the second result for a google search of “artbox apple” and all 😀

  6. kmoth says:

    Despite this being merely a slow news day time-killer, I think this deserves another shot. That was really close, and if the mods weren’t so quick to catch on you totally could’ve had it. With a little planning I think it’s doable.

    Apple gave 2 great hints at staying under their radar:
    1. Keep on topic
    2. don’t question Apple’s decisions! 😛

    That’s a good start. I would think that if we were to spread our posts out over a few days it would look less obvious.

    When the next SND rolls around you’ll have a grand tale to tell about how you outwitted the Apple forum mods.

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