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The most realistic (but still probably fake) 3G iPhone pics we’ve seen so far

So, what do we make of these shots from

I can’t tell f that is supposed to be white or gray, but the off-center video camera hole on the front of the unit looks oddly out of place given the rumored symmetrically-obsessed Mr. Jobs being listed as a co-inventor on the iPhone patent… Also, that would put the still camera and the video camera more or less on the same side, on top of each other. That’s some small optics to cram into a supposedly thinner device.

But, as we said, these look to us the be the most realistic of the probably fake 3G iPhone shots we’ve seen this month, and we should all also remember that leaked shots tend to get more accurate and credible the closer we get to a real event. The day before WWDC timing is certainly in line with past leaks.

[UPDATE: Faithful Macenstein reader Jordan points out that the video camera hole seen on the top right corner of the iPhone is not shown on the top right corner of the iPhone box picture. Looks like another fake…]

7 Responses to “The most realistic (but still probably fake) 3G iPhone pics we’ve seen so far”
  1. darrell says:

    looks pretty off, yeah. i’m hoping for an iPhone without the chrome trim but thicker to support more hardware.

    there are more NDA box sightings popping up everywhere. definitely feels like a simultaneous release and unveiling. by this time tomorrow the blogosphere is going to be dizzy with the amount of news and speculation from moscone!

  2. Pony says:

    The video camera hole is also bigger in the top shot than the one below.

  3. Lee Majors says:

    Well you can see in the first pic it has a silver and black back, just like the first gen iPhone. The rest of them have the black back. They look pretty convincing though, mad PotatoeShop skills. I’m glad my 3G iphone isn’t going to look like this.

  4. Brett says:

    If that’s really the real thing it would be quite a step backwards design wise and very cheap (plasticy) looking.

    I really hope it won’t become a cheap plastic phone as we know from other companies

  5. MacSheikh says:

    Agree with Pony about the video cam hole. That one’s pretty obvious. I call fake.

    Besides the grey/white front is downright fugly to me.

  6. Another thing: The top of iPhone pictured on the iPhone box, where the camera is missing, points toward the right short side of the box. The top side of the real iPhone (with the front camera) points toward the left short side of the box.

    Needless to say it won’t never happen that you open an Apple product and you find it’s facing the opposite direction.

  7. skip says:

    actually they claim that apple will release 2 different iphone, a 2.8″ entry-level one and a 3.5″ 3G one (as did appleinsider uh?). this is why there would be one with and one without front camera. Anyway, they are told to be releasing a video showing the 3G iphone running 2 hours before the WWDC keynote…Wait & See !

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