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1 week in, what iPhone Apps made your cut

Well, today marks the unofficial 1-week anniversary of the iTunes App store, and the iPhone 2.0 leaked firmware. So, after a week of playing with the various applications out there, what apps have you decided you can’t live without on your iPhone/iPod touch, and what apps have you ditched?

Here’s what my current iPhone looks like.

Apps I have tried and gotten rid of include : Disney All Star cards, Steps, Bubble Wrap, Sim Stapler, All the free Jirbo Stuff, 105 Classics, and Check Please.

Send us your screenshots and we’ll publish them below. (Oh, and extra points for having Macenstein on your home screen!) 🙂

[To take a screenshot, simply hold the round “home” button on your iPhone, and then hit the “Sleep” button at the top. It will put a grab in your Camera Roll in Photos.]

Above: Faithful Macenstein reader Rick Nunn‘s iPhone.

Above: Faithful Macenstein reader Joseph Connors‘ iPhone.

Above: Faithful Macenstein reader Jordan‘s iPhone.

Above: Faithful Macenstein reader Paul D.‘s iPhone.

Above: Faithful Macenstein readerAndrew Booth‘s iPhone. [I like your style, Andrew!]

Above: Faithful Macenstein reader Ryan Smith‘s iPhone.

Above: Faithful Macenstein reader Steven Eckelberry‘s iPhone.

6 Responses to “1 week in, what iPhone Apps made your cut”
  1. Brian says:

    I’m waiting for Pwnage 2.0 to come out before I upgrade, although Monkey Ball and the Hold ‘Em game really got me wanting to upgrade.

  2. Durango says:

    118 emails on your phone?! Crikey….

    Loopt – despite the SMS firestorm it set off
    AP Mobile News
    BofA Mobile Banking – to damn scared to use it b/c it’s not clear on security
    Texas Hold ‘Em

  3. BobH says:

    I’m waiting for someone to port Doom over to the iphone.

  4. Kensei says:

    a majority of us in Australia are still waiting for iphones even a week after launch. ;(

    stores here reportedly only had 10-30 units for sales. strange, underestimated demand a bit me thinks. hehe.

  5. Dan says:

    Simple way to tell the difference between a British and an American iPhone – Weather icon says 23/73 degrees. Unless you’re American and really like the metric system that is.

  6. Scott says:

    Remote and LastFm apps are both superb. Remote is the killer app for me at the moment. Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart is pretty good too.

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