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And the first iPhone game I buy will be…

Aqua Forest. Take a look at this video and tell me if it isn’t the coolest thing you’ve seen yet demoed on the iPhone/touch.

Finally, something truly creative that takes advantage of both the touchscreen and the motion sensor in Apple’s handhelds. This seems like a safe way for me to satisfy not only my inner pyromaniac, but my inner carpenter and fireman as well. Now I’m just a police officer and Indian Chief away from the Village People.

In addition to the above free play doodling mode, there’s a game aspect as well (not shown here) but I am pretty sure I will be making little stick men and burning them.

[via touchArcade]

4 Responses to “And the first iPhone game I buy will be…”
  1. Can’t quite see how this qualifies as a game

    Hmm, minutes of fun to be

  2. MightySandwich says:

    Wow, it’s Chris Pirillo! I liked playing with this on my MacBook, but drawing with your finger(s) looks like even more fun. Not to mention that it’s much easier to use the accelerometer in the iPod Touch or iPhone than my MacBook due to the size.

  3. jdmoney8 says:

    I would have called it … Water Woods …

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