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Are white iPhones cracking?

If there’s 2 things I don’t understand in life, they are 1) Why Apple made a white iPhone, and 2) Why anyone would buy it. At least any guy. I have previously called the white iPhone “The Girliest thing since breasts“, and I stand behind that.

However, while a black iPhone may simply be my preference, there now seems to be a bonafide reason to stay away from the white iPhone. Reports are popping up on Apple’s Discussion forum and on sites like Mac Rumors from unhappy white iPhone owners who are experiencing hairline stress fractures on their week-old devices, reminiscent of the G4 Cube and the original white MacBook. This cracking does not appear to be affecting the black models, at least not on nearly as large a scale.

One such disgruntled user has posted a video (below) telling his tail of woe.

Unfortunately, low light, hand-held filming in search of focus, combined with a complete disregard for white balance combine to make his iPhone’s crack all but invisible, but what we do learn from his video is that (for the moment, at least) Apple’s Geniuses do not consider this cracking to be a “known” issue, so if you are experiencing this type of cracking, you may be out of luck until enough of you report this issue to Apple, and make it “known”.

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  1. groomsy says:

    I have the white iPhone and I haven’t noticed any cracking yet (got mine on the day after the release). I’ll keep an eye out for it though. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. C. says:

    Is it cracking or is the owner not being careful with the device…?

    questions, questions…

  3. Anon says:

    Wow, a big person puts this in their pocket and sits down. It cracks. Where’s the news in this? It’s plastic not titanium.

  4. Paul says:

    “Is it cracking or is the owner not being careful with the device…?”

    Yeah, out of millions of units, there’s got to be a couple of people that keep it in their pocket and walk into a counter top or sit on it.

    To add to that, is it unreasonable to think hairline cracks might be harder to see on black plastic? I have a white one** and it has a dead pixel. But I’m going to wait until I get to nearest Apple store to do something about it.

    ** – I’m a very manly man (6’3″ + facial hair) with a hot girlfriend.

  5. IphoneOwner says:

    I have the exact same stress frature starting around the headphone jack. It’s really tiny right now, but I can def see it developing into something just like one in the third picture. The second arrow pointing down at an angle that is.

  6. Diablo says:

    Just because it’s white shouldn’t make any difference in it’s durability.

    I have the white version and am quite comfortable with my manliness. I got it because it doesn’t show the smudges on the back like the black model does.

  7. Kevin McKenna says:

    I have a new white 3g iPhone and after reading the above, I checked my phone out and found cracks!

    MobileMe oh my…now cracks!

  8. Paul says:

    They are made in China…. and you expected quality. LOL

  9. Jason Hamilton says:

    I picked up the white one b/c of less smudges, AVAILABILITY, and my wife recommended it because my MacBook is white, so it kinda matches. Not to mention it improves the odds that I can give it to her and get a 32GB when it comes out.

    At any rate I am not too careful with mine, and I have even dropped it about 3 feet onto a thin rug on ceramic tile, and no cracks. Knock on wood.

  10. Tom P says:

    I haven’t noticed any cracks in my white iPhone, nor have I noticed a reduction in my manliness. I’ll keep a look out for both!

  11. Brian says:

    Cracks don’t appear to be affecting the black model because you can’t see the cracks on the black models.

  12. AppleTech1982 says:

    I am a weightlifer weigh about 250lbs, i have a HOT BLONDE WIFE and i have the white 3g Iphone, i have yet to find cracks and i got mine at launch. i think people are not carefull with it. mine goes from my pocket to the table and i have a silicon case and a leather holster in which they both go in. ]
    people, START TAKING care of your Iphones.

  13. Max Hawkins says:

    At first I though, oh dear here we go again. But then I thought about the times I have seen people treating their iPhones compared to how gently I use my iPhone and maybe this is just the few people that are much to rough with their phones.

    Or maybe not. but it is something to think about.

  14. SirFoxey says:

    If your a guy and have a white iPhone, then you deserve cracks in it as their designed for people with cracks

  15. tetradyname says:

    I have one of this crack on my white 3g iphone , I thought that I was the only one having this problem, so thanks for your post!

  16. michael says:

    white and proud thinking about a white supremact ipone group.

    the III.

    Youre kidding right?

    If the design of your sit is any indication id say your sartorial observations are sophmoric!

    What do you think they should have designed a “hummer” version.

    I drop by to see your mac chicks,only.Save the commentary on manliness.

    Id whoop your ass.

    🙂 confident metrosexual.

    You only wish you had photos of my mac chick.

  17. John says:

    Read somewhere that said iPhone 3G back casing is not made of plastic, but zirconia-ceramic blend, or something like that. Also at, the iPhone 3G was reduced to dust by a blender, except for the black back casing. Goes to show it is not plastic for sure… still, I don’t understand why the cracks happened. Say something, Apple!

  18. Mr Clicky says:

    ““The Girliest thing since breasts“, and I stand behind that.”

    You stand behind breasts?, Now that is girly.

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