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Drew and Justin are splitsville? Is nothing sacred?!?!

Now, I know divorce is always toughest on the kids, so I want you all to remember, this is not your fault.

Remember back in March when we reported that Justin “I’m a Mac” Long was dating Drew Barrymore? Well, who would have guessed, but just 3 and a half months later, the once happy couple has now broken up (amicably, according to publicists, whose hell it is to have to answer such questions).

Sure, Drew was a big score for Justin, but remember what they say in Hollywood: “It is better to have dated Drew Barrymore and left, than never to have left at all”.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Kensei for the tip!
[images via UseMyComputer]

6 Responses to “Drew and Justin are splitsville? Is nothing sacred?!?!”
  1. you says:

    very intressting, why dont you post pictures of you and your ex girlfriends?

    ah i almost forgot you´re the hell of an ugly nerd!

  2. Karen, is that you?!
    -The Doc

  3. odin says:

    Now he can date other actresses from Charlie’s Angels.

  4. Kensei says:

    To be quite honest I have never really liked the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads. And even as a recent switcher I find myself rooting for the PC Guy all the time.

    But loved him in Galaxy Quest and “Ed” (TV Show) and he was kinda cool as the nerdy sidekick to Detective John McClean.

    I am sure he will rebound with some equally gorgeous lady. Hmmm Mary Elisabeth Winstead? John McClean’s daughter? Now wouldn’t that be a weird case of reality and fantasy colliding? ;p

  5. Yes, my little plan worked.

    Now she will be all mine Mwahahahahahaahahahaaha haaaaa haaaa haaa haa ha wahoo ha ha haaaaaaaaa.

  6. Justin’s bod looks like he hasn’t gotten past puberty yet. May he just isn’t ~Man~ enough yet for Drew?

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