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iTunes 7.7.1 …And Apple’s QC problems keep on comin’!

Apple released iTunes 7.7.1 this evening (via Software Update). According to Apple, the update:

iTunes 7.7.1 includes fixes to improve stability and performance.

I consider myself a big fan of both stability and performance in general, so I’m all for this update. Unfortunately, the improved performance doesn’t seem to include cutting down on my insane backups times (still usually between 20-minutes and an hour).

And two other things I found odd…

First, after the update, I checked to see if any of my iPhone apps had been updated today. I was a bit surprised to see iTunes thought I had 29 apps in need of updating, even though I had updated them as recently as this morning.

And second, I have my iPhone set to “only sync selected applications”. However, after updating iTunes, while that preference is still selected, iTunes went ahead and re-check marked all my applications, seemingly forgetting my selections.


Ok, so neither of these is the end of the world, but it does mean I had to go through the trouble of redownloading/installing the updates, as well go through the painstaking task of deleting the apps I did not want on my meticulously arranged iPhone home screens that had gotten re-synced, (and then of course sitting through another 35 minute backing up of my iPhone).

Given the number of “quirks” (to be polite) many of us have experienced with the latest iPhone update, I admit I got my hopes up when I saw this update. I suppose since nothing has gone smoothly for me since updating the iPhone to the 2.0 firmware I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this, but I just wanted to see if any of you shared my experience before I go on another whiny rant about Apple QC.

13 Responses to “iTunes 7.7.1 …And Apple’s QC problems keep on comin’!”
  1. Andrew Akker says:

    This was done on purpose. iTunes never knew when an app had been updated or not, so it updated all of the ones that needed to be updated again so that iTunes would start keeping a new tab. As long as this fixes the App Store update system (which it seems it did), I will gladly take these updates once again.

  2. SirFoxey says:

    I had not experienced any problems with iTunes at all or my iPhone. It had all been smooth sailing and perfection for me……not anymore. My backup time has blown out from about 1.5minutes to nearly 2 hours. It fucked up every setting I had on my iPhone. Apple sure fucked this one up hardcore

  3. says:

    It’s exactly the same problems with my french iPhone 2.0. Very very boring !

  4. bc says:

    7.7.1 update fixed my iPod Touch v2.0 syncing problems. before the update just connecting the Touch would seemingly hang iTunes for a few minutes (spinning beachball!) – but eventually it would mount, and then I could sync. but now after 7.7.1 it’s back to normal, it mounts almost immediately.

  5.  says:

    Yesterday I tried to update my apps and when i went into the get info window for that app it turns out they weren’t updating at all (some of them). After the update they did. Looks like a bug fix to me.

  6. Fair and Balanced says:

    OMG – first I had to wait while iTunes backed up my iPhone (5 excruciating minutes) and then it synced ALL of my apps back to iTunes. Can you believe this? 5 MINUTES. Apple’s quality control problems are out of hand! Something is wrong here. Everybody should be suspicious and if there’s still time in the day – cynical, too.

  7. Rowlings says:

    seems like a lot of people are having the same problem….

  8. db says:

    While anticipating the inevitable cracking of my white iPhone I get to waste hours syncing, re-updating, failed syncs during ridiculously long backups and incoming calls, crashing apps both native apps and throuh the store, sudden closing of Safari, mail or SMS sometimes. The iPhone is becoming unusable and may one day become an iPod Touch only. Thankfully I didn’t buy my 3G, it was given to me but the heartache is not worth it, in fact its like a metaphor for the shortened battery performance.

  9. Eytan says:

    Yeah, 7.7.1 rebooted my phone into the Apple logo and required a full restore. Still climbing my way out of it 24 hours later. I need a new phone until Apple gets its s%&t together…
    I was overheard in work last week saying: “You know things are rough when Mossberg and Pogue are lambasting Apple”
    To which I was replied: “No, you know things are bad when YOU are lambasting Apple….”
    Apple, get your s*$t together already

  10. DavidK says:

    Seems like the thing to do is “rush to Bitch” these days. Yes there is some problems out there but I’ve been using Apples since the II and ot still beats the hell out of anything else I’m forced to use. With the blogs now everyone’s rushing for a headline. Get over it . Perfection is an allusion! , but I’ll bet you Apple chases it more than anyone!

  11. Rick Andrade says:

    My backup times are not insane, but what I did not appreciate is that I had two applications that I did not like and I checked them not to be synched. Suddenly… those apps were back front and center. For one, the latest update fixed the app and made it useable, and I might actually keep it but the other I have to ditch now. With 7.7.1, I tried to download some content… and kept getting download problems. Took nearly 30 minutes of prompting iTunes to download purchased items in order to enjoy them. I know there has been problems with Mobile ME… but I finally got the time to set it up… and even though both iTunes and my Mac say that it is activated, I have not noticed one darn piece of pushed anything… either to or from “The Cloud”. Not what I expected from the 2.0 upgrade for my first generation iPhone. (Oh, and I got my first crash yesterday with 2.0 software… took about 5 minutes to reboot!)

  12. Phil says:

    Oh man! you’re even lucky… I have something like 110+ Apps (yes, I have a lot and not only freeware!!) with arround 7 Gb of movies, music, podcast, etc…, and it takes arround 4 or 5 hours to sync (most of time for the backup only!!!)

    I updated for the 7.7.1…since this day, no apps works anymore… I can launch it, see the screen, and “poof”, kick back to the desk… for any of the apps !!!!!!!!!!!

    I already tried to reboot the phone and even re-sync AGAIN, and nothing… nothing works anymore except email, stocks and weather (all V1 apps)

    I have so much trouble since I updated to 2.0… it’s REALLY a BAD experience… and if I were a new customer, I would be so much disappointed to never buy an iPhone anymore.

    Please Apple, restore a quality service and better improved sync and backup (I don’t need you to backup my song or whatsoever…)

    Need to call the customer care… AGAIN!


  13. jhagedon says:

    I also get to waste hours syncing, re-updating, experiencing failed syncs during ridiculously long backups, and then incoming calls interrupting the process so it has to start all over again! My iPhone has crashing apps (both native apps and through the apps store), sudden closings of Safari, mail, or SMS. The iPhone is becoming frustrating, and the 3G coverage (or lack there-of) is totally unreliable. I get two bars at best in NYC. This device is truly not ready for prime-time!

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