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Redefining “Slow News Day”: My ROY G. BIV iPhone screen

Sure, it’s an inefficient method for actually finding your applications, but it looks cool when scrolling through, especially when you hit “blue”. 🙂

6 Responses to “Redefining “Slow News Day”: My ROY G. BIV iPhone screen”
  1. Mr Germy says:

    That amused me actually. What’s sad is you had enough time to do this.

  2. Xavier says:

    Wow…I thought I was having a boring day 😉

  3. Colin says:

    Now, what would be impressive is if you extracted the icon files some how and did some kind of mathematical average of every pixel’s color then used that to assign an average color to each icon and arrange it by that. That way, you could be 100% sure that Shazam really came before Pandora.

  4. Bride of Macenstein says:

    wow- you really missed us huh?

  5. the_0ne says:

    Woah, you must have no kids…. or a job…. well actually, not much of a life either. But still love the site, so keep kid-less, job-less and life-less for us…


  6. Joel says:

    That, good sir, is awesome.

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