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The only thing lamer than standing in line for an iPhone is…

…being the “color commentator” reporter who is sent down by a local news affiliate to cover the people standing in line for the iPhone. (Of course, I suppose being the Mac news site that covers the guy who is sent to cover the guys standing in line might be even lamer…) Take KTLA’s Eric Spillman (please).

Eric, when asked to go down and report on the line in front of a California Apple store, decided to do his best “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog” impression, but unfortunately, Eric lacked the humor, charm, and dog puppet of Robert Smigel, and the results are just embarrassing for everyone involved.

I’m not sure why the folks in line didn’t just drop a bunch of “F-bombs” on Spillman and cost his network some dough, perhaps they are just nicer than me, but in the end, Spillman comes across as a smug bully, 40 times the tool that those in line are. And those misshapen anchor people back in the studio aren’t any prizes either. I would have thought in California there’d have been a wider selection of attractive people to choose from. (Although KTLA seems to be a CW affiliate, not an actual network).

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  1. Rick says:

    “This is journalism to you?” that’s a pretty nice come back.

  2. dbr says: all fairness, he is being paid to be there.. And he did it in a less annoying way than the usual “OMG how excited are you about the thing you are standing in line for hours for?” (Well, maybe without the abbreviation)

  3. BC says:

    The final words from the talking heads at the studio defines the level of Journalism exhibited by this report which makes Katie Couric look like Walter Cronkite:

    “Yea, wow, ok”

    But, what would you expect of a report with bylines from Hollywood and Burbank 😉

  4. juball says:

    KTLA is indeed an affiliate of CW in the LA market. When I left the area about 5 years ago, their news casts were among the top rated in the country for professionalism and fairness. Hopefully this is a fluke or their news department has reached a sad level of unprofessionalism.

  5. odin says:

    I got a couple of shots of people in line at the Emeryville store in California, I had gone down there to browse a bit but decided to go to William Sonoma instead since I didn’t want to deal with the 3G mania. I totally like it when Apple releases a product (like Leopard) where you can get via FedEx the same morning as it is released. I don’t like waiting in lines.

  6. Monkey says:

    What a bunch of tools

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