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Some people are just not meant to own an iPhone

Cambodia? WTF? Oh… she’s so cute, I can’t stay mad at her!

Well, first of all, let me just say I don’t think you can use ANY cell phone with those nails, but I thought her delivery was funny and I was thoroughly charmed. Sort of like Margaret Cho, only funny. I suppose ultimately this is a pro-Apple video, done somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but on the odd chance this really was made as a pro-Windows piece, well, Apple should adopt it as their next iPhone commercial, and call it “Some people are just not meant to own an iPhone“.

10 Responses to “Some people are just not meant to own an iPhone”
  1. Tom says:

    Comparing FCP to Windows Movie Maker is like comparing Carmen Electra to bold Britney.

  2. sackofquarters says:

    This video just made me want to reach out and strangle her.

  3. Eimantas says:

    it is known on the net as “the worst iphone review ever”. was popular half a year ago, or so…

  4. JosephC says:

    “Touch screen is a gimmick”
    wtf? I tell you whats a gimmick the Instink. thats a fucking gimmick.

    Go to HELL bitch! Never EVER compare movie maker to FINAL CUT STUDIO 2.

  5. media_lush says:

    does not bear well when you post a vid that’s a million years old – in internet years that is……

  6. Sorry Media Lush,
    I guess I get out more than I think I do.
    Must have missed this one.
    -The Doc

  7. fok says:

    That’s Xiaxue from Singapore. I think she is really funny. Here are more of her videos:

  8. MacSheikh says:

    Oh God, I’m almost embarrassed to be living in the same country as this idiot. No, I am embarrassed.

    She’s just an anti-Apple click whore bimbo who acts like she knows what she’s talking about. I hear her blog’s pretty popular though. Kind of like people flocking to look at a car crash i guess.

    Please don’t let this shit mess up this site, thank you.

    And yes, that video is old.

  9. sk says:

    Tell you something, that b***h is f***ing annoying. its not even worth a post.

  10. Jess says:

    She really reminds me of Ask a Ninja for some reason. They should get together

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