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iPhone 2.1 Maps to boast Google Transit?

Faithful Macenstein reader Justin over at When Will Apple? proposes an interesting theory on at least one cool new feature we may see in the next iPhone firmware revision.

“Well I just checked out Google maps on my PC and noticed something new today. You can… now select public transportation and walking directions!!! If Apple is smart they will include this new update for Google maps into their Google maps app on the iPhone…maybe in 2.1 firmware update? This would be great for getting directions in lots of places, especially places like NYC which have a lot of one way streets and such.”

Makes sense to us Justin, and would more or less cement Maps’ position as the iPhone’s most useful standalone App (well, maybe outside of Safari). It would also likely kill off couple of those overpriced, under-featured, city-specific transit apps that litter the iTunes store (yes, I have been burned).

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