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Lucasfilm pulls PhoneSaber from the iTunes store

Knowing that George Lucas is perhaps the only person more controlling of his product licensing than Apple’s Steve Jobs, I suppose this news should not exactly come as a shock to anyone, but according to TheMacBox (creators of the wildly popular (and free) PhoneSaber lightsaber emulator), THQ Wireless (who owns the rights for Star Wars apps on mobile devices) has asked that PhoneSaber be removed from the iTunes store.

The good news is, apparently THQ aren’t being jerks about it, and want to work with MacBox to bring about an official version of the app to the iTunes store. “They want to do some sort of official, Star Wars branded version of PhoneSaber, and will be working with us on that one,” reads a post on TheMacBox’s blog. “I don’t know any information beyond that, whether they plan to charge for it [we’re betting “yes”], advertise with it or what, but we’ll keep you updated on as much as we’re allowed to tell you.

Now, I don’t want anyone to panic, but I would recommend you head on over to the iTunes store now and download “More Cowbell” before Lorne Michaels smells a quick buck.

26 Responses to “Lucasfilm pulls PhoneSaber from the iTunes store”
  1. Richard says:

    OK, now im pissed – i only JUST got my 3G iPhone…
    what do I do with this thing now?

  2. Rowlings says:

    Cool. Maybe if I make an app ripping off spielberg, I can get a job working for him!

  3. thumbtoe says:

    dang. that’s the whole reason i bought the 3g was because of the light saber application.

  4. dave says:

    And the official version will cost $4.99.

  5. Chas says:

    LucasFilms Light Saber will be jewel encrusted and cost $999.

  6. Sphere 100 says:

    Idiots…. It’s just a fun little app… Craving for the revenue?

  7. ConcernedCitizen says:

    @Rowlings, you think spielberg was getting ripped off? Its just a noise! You think someone should be able to own a noise?

    Hey I’ve got a great idea I’m going to patent. Its a device that allows people to traverse from one room in a home or business into another room. I’m going to call it “the door”, and if you want one (or a few) in your home you’ll have to pay men royalties for each one.

  8. one of them says:

    ok, this is geeky, but if possible I request that when two “sabers” come in “contact” with each other they make that awesome crashing sound that light sabers make… also they should be able to actually dismember someone.

  9. Ryan W. says:

    You know what is hilarious about this? PhoneSaber being more popular has been pulled. But the cheesy iSaber is still up and running on the App Store. Whats up with that Goerge?

  10. Rick Andrade says:

    Hmmm I guess by removing it from the Appstore… they also remove it from my iPhone (It is now missing from my iPhone!). I guess this means that if Apple, whether you pay for an app or not, pulls something, we won’t get our money back… just get the functionality that we paid for removed from our iPhones? This worries me far more than the infringement of a copyright.

  11. pinay sexy says:

    why pull it out? its illogical

  12. Tom says:

    Whew! Just checked my phone and the saber app is *still* there. I swear, no BS, I actually did a product demo of the iPhone for my boss and I ended with the PhoneSaber and MoreCowBell… that did it! My boss left with a smile and immediately told procurement to return the Verizon Blackberries they had just purchased.

    PhoneSaber sells iPhones!

  13. erichansa says:

    should have called it the “elongated neon popsicle” app to avoid any legal action

  14. rzn says:

    after ruining the original trilogy, making a horrible second trilogy, squeezing every nickel he can out of the star wars carcass, douchebag lucas basically just shut down a fansite in the form of a sound effect.

    does everyone hate this guy like i do now?

  15. download iSaber, its way better anyways

  16. RunLevelZero says:

    If they think people will buy this in the millions I’m sorry to tell them I highly doubt it. It is wildly popular because it’s neat, and it’s FREE! This is just money hungry selfish people at work once again. Thanks a-holes

  17. FunGi says:

    Talk about a bunch of cluless people ranting over nothing.
    It has nothing to do with greed or tryiny to sell the stupid thing, it’s all about protecting thier copyright and license. THQ is the licensed distributor of SW apps. If they do not protect that by challenging other companies distributing them then they would no longer have a license. If you don’t enforce your copyright, you lose it, plain and simple. THQ had absolutly no other real choice but to protest the app and have it removed.

  18. eastmanweb says:

    Here’s what they’re doing: They’re creating an official version that’s STILL free, but will take advantage of the online notification system to remind you of any upcoming movie or TV projects, with hooks to custom web landing pages to purchase tickets or check showtimes in your area .

  19. luke(as) says:

    Luke(ass) make sure to pull-out your lightsaber at just the right time – wouldn’t want anyone having fun with that thing!

  20. ben says:

    They’ll likely use it to promote that new Clone Wars shit.

  21. star wars nut says:

    who cares??? iSaber is still on the store.. for now. and is wayyy better then PhoneSaber. iSaber has more production quality to it. Lucas should get that guy to do it.

  22. mark says:

    and we care because?…

  23. Mike says:

    Geeze its just a phone..
    apple fan boys with buy anything, regardless of function and features.

  24. digiprod says:

    Apple should KILL all the apps if you ask me as all they do is make your iPhone crash faster!

    The iPhone 2.0.1 and iTunes 7.7.1 is so totally unstable it crashes everyday and needs a restore. Apps quit constantly, all of them doesn’t matter which one. Once one app quits they all do. Restarts and hard resets do not help. Only a total restore is needed. Sometimes when an app quits it kills the iPhone and you are left with a Apple logo.

    iTunes takes forever to do backups on the iPhone that wind up useless as when you try to do a restore using a backup, 9 times out of ten iTunes tells you it is corrupted and you need to restore as a new iPhone.

    iTunes never knows when you need updates on the apps and is wrong most of the time. If you do and update with iTunes of an app, it downloads the app and recreates the file instead of overwriting it. Take a look in your Mobile Application folder and you will find tons of files building up with incremented file names like AIM, AIM 1, AIM 2, etc.

    The iPhone is a fantastic device when it works, which is never more than a day if you install any apps and try to use them. Beware installing, updating or deleting apps directly on the iPhone very often will kill it leaving you with the white Apple logo of death and no phone at all. Such a pleasant experience when it happens in the middle of the day leaving you without even a cell phone. Make a great Apple logo flashlight!

    I returned the iPhone for replacement, I synced it with different Macs, tried loading less app, different apps, no apps. Nothing really helps. This is the buggiest products Apple has probably ever released.

    The Genius Bars and the Apple support forums are loaded with iPhone problems so I am not alone!

  25. Star wars Rocks! says:

    Ya that is ridiculous! i just now got my iphone and i was so excited to get that application! I don’t care i will pay for it dang it! gah …

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