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Ok, someone back me up here

And speaking of Lucasfilm… is it just me, or does the icon for Carrie’s Dots look something like Boba Fett‘s helmet?

Ok, before you trip over yourself saying “no”, just stare at the words “Carrie’s Dots” in that sentence above the pic, let your eyes lose focus, like you are supposed to do in those annoying “Magic Eye” puzzles that were all the rage in NJ malls 10 years ago, and then just try to tell me if you don’t see it!

I suppose it could just be the result of watching “The Trilogy” 600 times too many, and perhaps my brain is perhaps now wired to look for such things รขโ‚ฌโ€œ but I swear, as I flip through my home screens, and my eye catches Carrie’s Dots in my peripheral vision, it ALWAYS jumps out to me as Boba Fett’s helmet.

Anyone? Don’t leave me hanging, Greenspan!

12 Responses to “Ok, someone back me up here”
  1. Tom Foolery says:

    well if you look at the 2nd last pic and compare the streaks on the helmet they are exactly the same and the reflection is to

  2. Albert says:

    absolutely same here

  3. 3riador says:

    I can see it… but it wouldn’t jump out at me. I think it’s your fault for watching so much Star Wars.

  4. C. says:

    The fourth icon is taken from the jpg of boba fett…look at the scratch marks above the rim of the vizor…exactly the same. hehe

    How long before they are instructed to change their icon, by Lucasarts

  5. C,
    CarriesDots’ icon is on the left, the other ones I made just to try to get someone to see what I am seeing. They didn’t actually rip anything off, it just looks like the Fett to me.
    -The Doc

  6. Frank says:

    Really? This? ๐Ÿ˜› Stories like this make me love this website.

  7. odin says:

    Rofl… right after I see you mentioned in Macworld Doc… you go and make them regret it!!!

  8. I stand by this…
    -The Doc

  9. C. says:

    haha Sometimes I’m impressed on how daft I can be!

  10. Smorgasbord says:

    Who goes around with their eyes squinted? If you have to squint to see things, maybe you should see an optomatrist. I don’t want to have to “lose focus” to see what you see. There’s a whole new world for you to see once you leave the fuzzy world. I am guessing you flunked the eye test for your driver’s license.

  11. blee says:

    They look like thongs to me

  12. qwerty says:

    when I saw them, I thought they were thongs

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