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Attention Larry King: Your iPhone app is ready

Anyone who says divorce is toughest on the kids has never had to pay alimony. Luckily, a new iPhone app has arrived that aims to make paying half your money to a woman (or man) you no longer wish to see again slightly more fun.

Alimony Countdown gives you up-to-the-second stats on how much money you’ve paid your ex, how much you have left to pay, and how long it will take you. While this may sound as depressing as watching the national deficit clock, remember, in theory this thing should be counting down to a light at the all-too-distant end of an tunnel. Plus it lets you assign with fun nicknames for your deadbeat sponge of a spouse, like “Gold Digger, “Lottery Winner”, etc.

And the best part? For 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th time losers, this app supports MULTIPLE ex-spouses. Of course, after 4 divorces, odds are you can’t afford a 99¢ app, let alone an iPhone.

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