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mophie Juice Pack 3G shipping October 1st

Our good friend Dizzy over at When Will Apple? got the low down on when mophie will finally be shipping their Juice Pack battery pack for the iPhone 3G, and despite the “Late September” sticker on mophie’s site, it looks like October 1st is the big day.

Based on the pictures, aside from curving the inside a bit to fit the 3G iPhone’s tapered back, mophie has pretty much left the design alone (including the lime green interior). We had mad love for mophie’s 1st gen iPhone Juice Pack (rated 9 out of 10) so we have high hopes for the 3G version. Given how quickly playing Critter Crunch and Asphalt4 drains my battery, I am very much looking forward to testing this out. You can pre-order the Juice Pack here for $99.95.

2 Responses to “mophie Juice Pack 3G shipping October 1st”
  1. dizzy says:

    Well it looks like mophie is delaying the release again… going from late september to early october and now to mid october. The website is now showing October 15th ad the ship date 🙁

    C’mon mophie I need my juice!

  2. dizzy says:

    Ok, I’ve confirmed with “Chad @ mophie” that the October 1st date is the date for early preorders.

    “The 3G Juice Pack is still being release on October 1st, however all preorders placed after 9/8 will ship on October 15th.”

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