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Steve Jobs High School opening in Mexico

Faithful Mexican Macenstein reader Christian alerts us that a new Technical High School will be opening in the city of Joquicingo, and it is being named after Steve Jobs (whether he likes it or not).

“In Joquicingo at Mexico State the state government built a new school called Steve Jobs… I wonder if the real Steve knows about it?

The sign reads:
mexico state gov (logo) commitment, (gov slogan)

“steve jobs” technological high school center (CBT steve jobs), joquicingo (city)
technological high school (baqueloratte, not university)

in gray letters:
pre incriptions already open
feb march 2008

in small letters left block:

education national secretary (or bureau in charge of mexico education)
high and medium high school education secretary (or bureau inside the above)
high school education general direction (or bureau inside the above)
technological high school department (inside the bureau above)
school supervisor 64 or 04 for technological baqueloratte (don’t now if the spell is ok)”

Wow, what an honor! And the football games against Woz Valley High are going to be stellar. Of course the real question here is, in a high school comprised completely of geeks, will the kids have to stuff themselves into lockers?

18 Responses to “Steve Jobs High School opening in Mexico”
  1. Jonro says:

    Steve Jobs Tech? Looks more like his garage from the 80s. Somebody must be hoping to get a big donation of Apple computers…

  2. Brad says:

    Steve Jobs, high.. nothing new there… Wait your talking about a school?

  3. christ fierro says:

    yep a school in mexico.

    technical school at a rural town.

  4. Ivan M. says:

    I can already hear the teachers at that school on a friday 5 minutes before going home….”Oh kids, there´s one more thing… Extra homework for monday!”

  5. dave says:

    I would bet money that MS would give the school a complete set of computer’s running Vista, free, just to tweak Steve.

  6. darrell says:

    imagine how unhealthily-skinny the kids who attend this school will be.

  7. melobites says:

    Darrell, just like you looked growing up…while I was jumping your momma in the trailer in exchange of food stamps

  8. christ fierro says:

    the classrooms are called:

    iPod, iPhone & Nano

    they classes are:

    think different 101 & 401

    square peg in round hole 101

    dealing with i´m a pc guys

    eating disorders 101

    aura creation for marketing purpouses.

  9. Tomas Martinez says:

    The school is not new. It has been there for many years. What is new is the inscriptions announcement.

  10. levelnext says:

    Bachillerato = High School, in mexican.

  11. Richard says:

    Does that mean they have created an artificial reality distortion field to go around the school?, and isnt it a bit hot there for turtlenecks and jeans (school uniform) 🙂

  12. havok says:

    Actually the state of mexico is really cold, it is in the center of the country, and not all the schools are like that one, steve job’s high would fit like seven times in mine.

  13. Brad says:

    you forgot about the how to ride a bicycle for the mind class

  14. Jonro says:

    You want good jobs? You want great jobs? We can give you more than great jobs, we can give you Steve Jobs!

  15. Chars says:

    levelnext, are you aware that mexican is NOT a language???

  16. AA Attendee says:

    If “eubonics” is a language then so is Mexican, and Californianian, even “Rhode Island and Province Plantations-ian”

  17. wow, realmente no se que impresion de Mexico de esto hacia Steve Jobs y el resto del mundo, pero bueno solo espero que lo tome como un honor

  18. Eduardo says:

    Bravo, por México jejeje… Saludos a todos yo soy de México
    pero no vivo por esa escuela.

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