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What’s the lamest app in the iTunes store?

We’re compiling a list of the most useless, unimaginative, and ugly applications developed for the the iPhone, and we’d like your help. Tell us your recommendation for the lamest app on iTunes in the comments – you know, the app that was a waste of time for the developer to make, for you to try, and for us to write about. There are a lot of them to go through, and the job is just too big for us to tackle on our own. Thanks!

4 Responses to “What’s the lamest app in the iTunes store?”
  1. NewWaveDave says:

    The thing is, one person’s completely useless app is another persons gold standard. A couple that I’ve found useless, SmugShot and DoBot Todos. Also, how many flashlights and fake lighters do we really need?

  2. hellaBAY says:

    yes, if you do not use smugmug, the app is uselss, duh, but if you use smugmug, the app is great. Why bash something because of that?

  3. jake says:

    How about we start this thread out right, people?

    GhostEX is the Lamest App in the iTunes Store.

    A whack-a-mole type ghost hunt, set to “creepy” music and the most low-fi environment ever. Its creator Thomas Kilmer (AKA T-killa) gives it a stunning, five-star review. Wouldn’t you give your own lame app a rave review too?


  4. the iRepublican and iDemocrat apps. They used to cost a dollar, and just show a wallpaper image on the phone. Both from the same developer, just cashing in on politics.

    They’re free now, but they’re still worthless applications that shouldn’t even be on the iTunes store. After all, they just “duplication functionality” found built-in on the iPhone.

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