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Who knew the iPhone came with a free game?

You know all those lame “test your reflex” games trying to get your hard earned money on the iTunes store? Well, you might not know it, but apparently the ultimate “reflex challenge” comes bundled with every iPhone! (Well, every iPhone running the 2.0.2 firmware, at least. You see, 2.0.2 was when Apple changed things a bit, making it seemingly impossible to take a screen grab of your iPhone’s “lock” screen).

However, as faithful Macenstein reader (and iPhone Cheat Sheet) reader brnmbrns has discovered, you actually CAN take pictures of your iPhone’s lock screen, as long as you have cat-like reflexes, and a lot of free time (it took me about 35 minutes and 120 false photos to get it). So read on, and see if you can do it, and then try to beat your score! Quickest time and fewest false photos WINS!

[via The iPhone Cheat Sheet] (that is called “synergy”, folks).

3 Responses to “Who knew the iPhone came with a free game?”
  1. Phelim says:

    I’ve been looking for a way to do this for a few days!

  2. Phelim says:

    Here’s my first attempt, did pretty well: http://flickr.com/photos/phelim/2840517244/

  3. dbr says:

    Erm, got it on the third try..
    On the first attempt I tried to lock the phone then take the screenshot (I didn’t click on the “read on” link, which admittedly would have saved an attempt).
    Second try I got a blank screen unlock.
    Third time it worked.

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