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Anyone know how to program for the iPhone? I have an idea…

Hello faithful readers. Like just about everyone on the planet, I have come up with an idea for (what I feel is) an incredibly important iPhone application that I would love to see made. No, it is not another Sudoku game or tip calculator – at the risk of sounding melodramatic, I feel my app could potentially save lives.

Unfortunately, I don’t yet have my C and C++ skills up and running yet, so I am looking for a brainy reader to come to my rescue. The app in question would rely heavily on accessing information from a website and then plotting that information on a Google Maps display based on the iPhone’s current location (GPS) or Zip code (sort of like a restaurant or movie finder app, but slightly more involved).

What’s in it for you?

Not much, other than that you would be making the world a better, safer place (for iPhone users, anyway). As I envision it, this app would be given away on iTunes for free as a public service, although on the odd chance we decide to sell it, I would split any profits 65%-35% in your favor. I would handle any graphics and marketing needs the app would require, and all programming would be done by you, our most brilliant of readers.

If you are at all interested, please shoot me an e-mail and let me know your credentials, iPhone programming experience, and availability. If you personally don’t know how to program for the iPhone but know someone who does, please pass this along to them. Thanks!

-The Doc

8 Responses to “Anyone know how to program for the iPhone? I have an idea…”
  1. Simon says:

    My guess is The Doc wants to create an emergency ‘get me to the hospital’ routing app. For when snakes bite your wife and cause her water to break and then she falls down the stairs into a pit of hungry gators. That’s no time to be investigating routes to the hospital yourself. Come on developers, we need this app! You don’t hate babies, do you?

  2. Jonathan AKA Chaplare says:

    Pity my programming language skills are mostly limited to strings of profanity at my being upset with malfunctioning code… sounds like a good idea Doc, good luck finding a savvy programmer…

  3. Carlitos says:

    Hmm, I wonder if you’re thinking about things like an iPhone app that accesses, and/or

    On target, am I? Hmm…?

  4. dev says:

    Sorry Doc,
    ideas are a dime a dozen.

  5. Kyle says:

    Everyone has a world changing App idea, most iPhone contractors charge $100+/hr to create these. You will have a very hard time finding someone to write one for “free”

  6. Smorgasbord says:

    I can do whatever you want for 1,000 Euros, and you can have the whole patent for yourself. I want the kind of money that I can spend years from now.
    Let me know if you will take me up on my offer and I will tell you where to send the 1,000 euros. Then tell me what you want and you shall have it, guaranteed.

  7. Carlitos,
    Actually it is a Mac Chick of the Month finder, saving me valuable search time.
    -The Doc

  8. Uber Eter-Pay says:

    I’d say a Mac Chick-O-The-Month finder would be even more important than a baby saver!

    Just think about how many babies need not be born, by being able to find a nearby Mac-Chick.

    Seriously. I think this could work… 😉

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