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CodeWeavers makes good on its promise of FREE STUFF!

If there’s one thing we know our readers love, it’s FREE STUFF. Even free stuff they’ll never use. So listen up. For today only, CodeWeavers is making good on it’s somewhat bizarre promise to give away all of its software for free if George W. Bush met even one of a series of “Lame Duck” Presidential goals CodeWeavers outlined for him. The Goals included “Rejuvenate the Housing Market”, “Lower the Cost of Food”, “Create more jobs”, “Capture Osma Bin-Laden”, and “lower the price of gas”. Well, guess which one happened?

From the site:

A Goal has been met!

Yes! You heard it right! On October the 14th, the average price of a gallon of gasoline dropped below $2.79 a gallon here in the Twin Cities. Sure, the decline of gas prices was due to the total collapse of the world economy, and the price of oil spiraling into a vortex of doom as a result. And to be honest, we’re not sure if this was actually the work of President Bush, or whether our Lame Duck Challenge had more of an impact on the economy than we suspected. But hey: a deal’s a deal, right? Our giving away all of our software for free is just our way of trying to make good on the loss of untold $trillions worth of equity from American pocketbooks. We hope you agree that it was all worth it to get back to the good old days of cheap gas again. Ummm, yeah.

So, if you are into free stuff, head on over to the CodeWeavers site and sign up for your hard earned free stuff (you have a choice of either CrossOver Mac Professional, or CrossOver Linux Professional). Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for your free bottle of Dr. Pepper on November 23rd while you’re at it.

3 Responses to “CodeWeavers makes good on its promise of FREE STUFF!”
  1. Daniel says:

    Oh man, free stuff from Code Weavers, that’s a pretty good deal! I don’t care that it’s for vaguely political reasons, I’m still getting a free code!

  2. Uber Eter-Pay says:

    I went and downloaded it, and it seems that the program is working flawlessly! Never asked me to register.

    Does this work for both Mac versions (pro, and games)?

    I’ve got Office Enterprise ’07 installed flawlessly. Tis an awesome thing.

  3. Ethan says:

    Damn. I found out about 20 minutes late. Would have loved a copy of CrossOver.

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