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Fembot application means the iPhone is now perfect

Whether you love it or hate it, the one thing everyone agrees on is that the iPhone was missing is a Fembot application. Without a small metal woman who can do the macarena, we all might as well be using a LG VX8300. Well, you’ll be happy to know that the Fembot app has finally arrived, and the iPhone is now perfect.

“Your Fembot can do many moves, actions, gestures, and even dance for you! She will wave, slap, cough, fire a bow and arrow, do the macarena dance, paint, mime, laugh, line dance, flex her muscles, salute, swim, or perform a summoning spell, and much more — all at your command.”

mmm… line dancing at my command… Good thing my Mophie Juice Pack arrived, as I am now sure to be draining my iPhone battery at an insane rate. I mean, coughing and summoning spells?!?! She may be the perfect woman.

The idea of the “game” is you need to figure out the 100 or so combination of touches determines what “subroutines” Fembot performs. Moves are started by a simple double-tap or combination of two swipes, taps, a tap and a swipe, or longer combinations (but not much longer). Somehow I have a feeling that whatever “subroutine” Fembot does when her breasts are rubbed continuously is the only one most users will see, so hopefully it’s not the Macarena.

7 Responses to “Fembot application means the iPhone is now perfect”
  1. dizzy says:

    Is it worth the $2? This looks like a fun time killer.

    How is that mophie treating you?

  2. OK, you guilted me into buying it, Dizzy. And the answer is… not really. Each “move” you unlock just plays a different clip of the Fembot doing something. A kid might like it, but it’s not all that exciting so far. The animations are decent though, as far as the fluidity of movement and such. Maybe good for a $0.99 novelty app, but not $1.99.

    -The Doc

  3. Uber Eter-Pay says:

    It just seems like it’s about 3 steps away from anime porn…

    I’d only pay about $0.50 for something like that…

  4. darrell says:

    damn. was expecting elizabeth hurly

  5. dizzy says:

    Thanks for checking it out Doc, next ones on me!

  6. ashergrey says:

    I can’t believe no one has pointed out the URL. Griffin Technology is, well, yeah… anyone who’s purchased an iPod accessory knows who they are.

    Gryphontechnology.biz on the other hand…

  7. Chup@Cabra says:


    This is actually a model fot the 3D modelling program called Poser, called Aikobot Maria: http://www.daz3d.com/i/3d-models/0/aikobot-maria?item=3921&cat=&_m=d

    I’m suprised that the makers didn’t go with a unique figure instead of a commercially available one.

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