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You have a Zune?!?

Apple product placement and evangelism throughout Hollywood has gotten so prevalent that sometimes as a Mac user it is easy to forget we are still in the minority. Yet while Hollywood’s writers and directors may enjoy expressing their Apple loyalty by sneaking Apple gadgets into various scenes, they have always stopped short of outright Microsoft bashing… until now.

Our good friend dizzy over at When Will Apple? noticed a scene in last Night’s Chuck (NBC) which takes a pretty good jab at Microsoft’s Zune and gives props to the iPod.

Look for next week’s episode where Chuck bashes Microsoft for spending too much money on advertising Vista and not enough fixing its problems.

Thanks dizzy!

12 Responses to “You have a Zune?!?”
  1. Tony says:

    Ha! I remember this last night and knew I would see it somewhere online today. You were first, Doc.

  2. mangochutney says:

    I just watched the latest episode like 15 minutes ago.
    Had to chuckle at that scene. Especially because Chuck really looked shocked for a moment.

    This tv-series has so much Apple product placement in it, with Chuck flipping out his iPhone in every episode and his Mac Pro with Cinema Display in his room and like three different iPod that cropped up during the past season.

    But do you guys remember that episode, when Chuck has to go and fiy a Linux machine and asks: “Why do I have to go out on all the Linux service calls?”
    And Lester replies snobbishly: “I am a Mac guy, Chuck, I’m an IT artist”

    Fun times!

    Well, tomorrows House-time, another Apple-Fanboy.

  3. imajoebob says:

    I laughed so loud the dogs came running from the other room. Actually, I truly “guffawed” at this.

  4. Christian says:

    Hi Doc!

    Would it be possible to upload the scene to some other video portal?
    We guys from Europe can’t play the video, which is kind of bad for us 🙁

  5. open0source says:

    Haha, great stuff.

    Christian, you can try using a U.S. proxy to watch Hulu. (hope it works, I can’t test it myself since I’m in the U.S. anyway)

  6. Mat Pancha says:

    Agreed with Christian’s request – I’m in Canada and its to the point where more and more videos on blogs are off Hulu and unviewable.

  7. Khaled says:

    Hulu is not available in your country .. no surprise there .. thanks to the powers of the British Television I could acquire the whole episode in HD

    yes, that scene was FUNNY

  8. jube says:

    Yes, remember the rest of the world! (especially Canada!)

  9. dizzy says:

    Hey, non US visitors and Dr. Macenstein. I have posted a youtube version of this clip on my original post thanks to a user comment.

  10. mangochutney says:

    I just started watching the latest episode of House, and at time-index 2:27 you can see the new MacBook. QED.

  11. Justin says:

    What makes that even funnier is that they are sponsored by Microsoft:

  12. eyerhyme says:

    YEAH!!! 2 of my favorite things… RUSH AND APPLE!!

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