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Come beat me on Adrenaline Pool Online

Having played (and won) 3 games of Adrenaline Pool Lite for the iPhone, I got cocky and decided that anonymously beating other anonymous players was a waste of time. I wanted my victims to know they had been smited by the mighty Dr. Macenstein!

Yes, somehow I lost this game too…

So I plunked down the $4.99 for the full version, Adrenaline Pool Online where you can make an online profile and play against friends. Since signing up, I have not won ONE single match, and I am sure the name Dr. Macenstein is quickly becoming a joke to the other players. Still, I enjoy the game, so if you happen to have bought Adrenaline Pool Online, friend me up. I’d rather lose to my faithful readers than to the anonymous (and cheap) players of the free game.

The handle is “Dr. Macenstein” and the e-mail is “”. See ya there.

3 Responses to “Come beat me on Adrenaline Pool Online”
  1. the raven says:

    Ive played against I think,,,well maybe not,,,I’m a 49 year old male from Canada,it’s funny how many peeps leave before the game is finished when they find out my age,,,ak,,to hell with them any way,,another peeve of mine is when I break playing STRAIT and i sink about 5-6 of my balls at once then they will leave again,and then there’s the freaks who love to expose them selves or the ones that are looking for date or something ,o well,,as I tell my kids “idiots and morons are click away from being gone” LOL.
    after playing numerous games of eight ball and strait it became a little boring,so now Ive been playing snooker,and what a challenge it is,,but vary cool indeedy..
    Any way just thought I’d jump in and leave my two bits on the table,hope to play a against ya soon

  2. Mirko G. says:

    Yep… there are lots of very good player, and Snooker is the only game that show up the real skill of everyone! Let’s try to defeat me! 😉


  3. just a game is current screen name but i change it often lol says:

    yes its a good game just over 200 hrs in it and it helps to fell asleep. come across some whack jobs and trash talking idiots. they need a way to slap them across the table or at least a mute/ignore button.

    the tables r too unrealistically fast. hitting as many rails zooming around the table like that… in order to get that kind of action on a real table u would have to remove the felt and tell people to duck as the ball would most likely go flying off the table.

    its use of english (top/bottom & left/right spin) is very realistic to an enjoyable extent. since the rest of the game physics and accuracy is pretty realistic I think this game would help those wanting to better themselves on the real tables. at least with the better understanding of the physics. actually pulling off some of these virtual shots on a real table take more than understanding… physical practice, not to mention a bit of magic in some cases.

    snooker is the real deal. i always knew snooker was the game of games but i had no idea how to win at it until i got my tail beat a few times. actually i lucked out and won a couple early on so my table rank was 7600ish and it was my 4th game and i told the person i am just learning this game and he mouths off telling me to shove it etc that i am obviously a big liar pointing out my high rank. the laugh was on him and i cant remember who won. i hope i did but i kinda doubt it. one game i messed up so badly to a pro that he had a score way over 100. i felt pathetic LOL.

    the trick is to switch games if one gets you aggrevated or even turn it off and come back later when you feeling better. if your losing game after game then it is probably your attitude. i notice when my attitude gets “ugly” that i lose.

    tips: control that cue ball!!! most games r lost because the cue ball is bouncing around hitting the 8 ball in or fouling etc. hit softer and when half the balls on the table r gone hit even softer as losing control of cue ball means the other person will clean house. setting the english spin to half way to bottom (50% bottom) will help keep the cue ball from travelling too fast too far. again hit softer!

    Straight pool is a game that anyone can play and is the easiest to both win and lose. it is my chill out i dont care if i lose game because i will win the next one probably. currently my score is 6632 (ranked 50th) . this is because i dont take this game seriously on this app. in real life it is a different story as it is a money game.

    9 is a combination game of luck strategy and position. give up the table and you are sue to lose again anyone who knows how to play. currently my score is 6632 (ranked 19th) and it is my favorite game in real life to play as it is the betting game in many places.

    8 ball is not my favorite game in real life but on this game is an enjoyable and probably most played game. I dont mind losing because it is easy enough to play well and win the points back. So i will not turn down even a play who is less than 5000 points. I enjoy meeting new nice people and those who are nice to chat with usually end up on my friends list. i usually go up and down between 6000 and 7000 in score while currently my score is 6642 (ranked 50th) I usually lose a lot because i sware that 8 ball hates me and finds every chance to fall in a hole early in the game.

    Snooker is one of those games that raises the blood pressure and is probably responsible for some smashed iphones. it is a game of precision and strategy and very little luck involved. you can not get lucky and sink a few balls and win. you also can not get unlucky and sing the 8 ball early. no one can sink the 9 early and win. all the balls must be potted with skill and effort. you can not combo the colored balls (other than the red ones). The point system is setup for strategy. you could sink most the red balls using the lower pointed balls and foul once and the if your opponent uses the higher point value balls and finishes out the game then you can be owned. in contrast your opponent could sink everything but say a few balls and if snookered you could win the game simply by not taking over.

    extended strategy tip for those wanting to win at snooker… make a red ball make a colored ball of higher point value i usually try to stick with the black blue and white ball. try to keep center table style in game and if you can use your english to manipulate the table balls into position as you are sinking them to setup for a snooker for when you feel you can not run them all you can miss but position so that the opponent can not make a good shot and give you additional points.

    im only ranked 50th in snooker with a score of 6841 as i dont play it often. it really is not that relaxing for me. probably because i take that game the most serous of the 4.

    and when it is all said and done remember….
    its JUST A GAME

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