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Cutting down on your eventual RIAA suit’s lawyer’s fees

Just because a judge has asked the RIAA to stop bankrupting the defendants in illegal downloading cases doesn’t mean your inevitable lawsuit is going to be cheap. Well, one proactive music thief name Diana has decided to save a couple bucks on lawyer’s fees by pre-labeling her iPhone as “Exhibit A” in her eventual RIAA lawsuit.

Great idea, Diana! And be sure to videotape yourself each time you fire up Limewire. The RIAA will really appreciate the effort, and may only take your house!

[UPDATE: No wonder the RIAA is going after all these people. They’re being taunted! Faithful Macenstein reader Greg sent in a pic of his first iPod, below].

3 Responses to “Cutting down on your eventual RIAA suit’s lawyer’s fees”
  1. Rowlings says:

    That’s a very clever engraving job. too bad she didn’t buy a case. In another 3 months it looks like you won’t be able to read it for all the scratches.

  2. wellnow says:


  3. Scot Trodick says:

    It’s actually quite funny to think about the number of people who are stealing music and justifying it in some manner, behind some loophole or clause. They say such things as, “I’m sampling before purchasing”, or “I want to see how good the file will sound after putting it on CD”. It’s a crazy time right now.

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