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Laser Etched Sean Connery iPhone hits eBay

Struggling art student Andrew Mundy is selling his beloved Steve Jobs/Sean Connery iPhone on eBay.

laser etched Steve Jobs iPhone

“i need the money really bad, typical art school student that needs money for books, rent, tuition, canvas, and everything else. So here goes, lets see where this takes me. im truly sad i have to part with my stevesyphone, but it has to be done. i just hope i have enough money left over to pay for another phone!”

Bidding on the the 8 GB laser-etched (and unlocked) 2G model starts at $100. In addition to the Steve etching, the phone seems to be “etched” with a bunch of other random lines, as well as fingerprints.

laser etched Steve Jobs iPhone

I guess Andrew has never had to sell a car before. Well, here’s a hint Andrew: throw out some of the McDonald’s wrappers and such before you bring it ot the dealer. It might add a couple bucks to the sale.

3 Responses to “Laser Etched Sean Connery iPhone hits eBay”
  1. TheArtist says:

    They couldn’t have cleaned it before they took the pic?

  2. Looks more like Sigmund Freud if you ask me. Still, interesting.

  3. Steve says:

    Couldn’t be bothered to read the whole story before posting? 😉

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