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Please tell me this is Photoshopped

Actually, don’t. I want this picture to be real so bad it hurts. Does the Segway come with splash guards?

Above: Maybe he should change his name to “The Wiz”

If that is indeed Woz, and he is indeed pissing while on a Segway at a public urinal, he is officially Macenstein’s “Man of the Year”. If it’s Photoshopped, then the guy who did it wins, because this picture has made me laugh for 10 straight minutes now. I’m leaning towards real because, if you look in the lower left, you’ll see yet another would-be Segway pee-er entering the frame, so odds are this was taken at some sort of Segway-centric event.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Charles for the pic! [Break]

19 Responses to “Please tell me this is Photoshopped”
  1. chris says:

    oh hahaha! This is too good.

  2. chris says:

    Actually… now that I’ve stopped laughing, I’ve gotta go with Photoshopped. If you think about it, Woz would have had to ‘back-in’ the Segway to the pee-station and then turn around while on said Segway. Seems a little troublesome.

    Million-dollar idea: Catheter and pee bag add on for Segway?

  3. luque says:


  4. The Beaver says:

    Please tell me this is Photshopped
    should be
    Please tell me this is Photoshopped

  5. Not everyone can afford Photoshop, Beav. Some of us are stuck with Photshop.
    -The Doc

  6. dizzy says:

    “Not everyone can afford Photoshop, Beav. Some of us are stuck with Photshop.”

  7. John Tibbet says:

    Not photoshoped. I was at this event and everyone was pissing from their segways. It’s was very funny.

    And you didn’t back up you just spun around then turned and pissed. Not so hard.

  8. darrell says:

    i wonder how he does a two-sie with it

  9. Chris says:

    Hi all,
    nice pic, but i believe that it is photoshopped. Regarding the fact, that i never have seen a public toilet in the USA without, hmm, right word is missing, protection for not beeing watched, this pic cannot be truth.
    greetings from germany

  10. Rowlings says:

    Wow. Taking a picture of a dude while he’s peeing is like bring a camera to a Strip club. It violates the code of men!
    Still, funny pic!

  11. ERIC says:

    You haen’t seen too many public urinals in the USA then. PLENTY of them don’t have privacy panels – especially older ones.

  12. Paul says:


    Wow. You’re so right. All of the restrooms in the USA are the same, and the only restrooms in existence over here are those that you’ve seen. You really figured it out. Great work.


  13. Evergreen says:

    Actually, it s quite obvious he is not Woz, legs smaller, eyes and hair differents

  14. flunkycarter says:

    remind me… what’s wrong with taking pictures at a strip club and how does it violate this code of men?

  15. Jason says:

    If that’s not Woz, then I feel sorry for the guy. Imagine looking like Woz, but not having his money! 🙂
    btw, I think it is him. How many guys that look exactly like him would have a Segway?

  16. Bill says:

    Don’t you need your hands to drive a segway? If so, then he has to touch the handlebars before he washes after…after taking a leak! Yuck!

  17. Azazello says:

    NOW I got it: Woz has a weight problem because of his Segway habit…
    poor slob with $$$$
    cheers poor slobs with no $$$!

  18. Ben says:

    Ok, all you naysayers who dismissed this above – prepare to imbibe Woz’s micturation:

    It was a setup (apparently done by Woz) which proves he really is the guileless gimp I always figured he was – thank god Jobs was around in the early days or he’d just be another footnote in the early history of computing….

  19. Imagine Engine says:

    Dam Papparzi. Can’t they let the man pee in peace?

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