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C’mon Apple, Really?

OK, this content theft on the iTunes app store really has to stop. I realize it’s warm and sunny in California most of the time, but are you telling me that whoever approves iPhone apps has never heard of The Grinch?!

Above: The all new, totally original iPhone game “Catch The Gift”

I mean for crying out loud, they even call him the Grinch by name!

Can you Catch all the Gifts? In this game, you will have to grab as many gifts as you can, but watch out! The evil Grinch is hiding among some of those great looking boxes! You do not want to grab the Grinch, do you?

I also like how the life meter at the top says “Live” instead of “Life” or “Lives”.

3 Responses to “C’mon Apple, Really?
  1. Pete from OH says:

    The dude’s name is Gabor. Sounds like he comes from a land where copyrights may not exist. 🙂

  2. odin says:

    Apple gets 30% of sales so they could get in trouble for selling it. It’s like if I pirate CDs and you sell them, you can get hit for piracy as well.

  3. Justin says:

    Is the Grinch in public domain?

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