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Is this the new Mac mini?

An anonymous tip (the best kind). Thoughts?

Click to embiggen.

56 Responses to “Is this the new Mac mini?”
  1. Grinzing says:

    Looks more like a mini laptop.

  2. Luis says:

    I don’t think so. It’s too thin for a Mac mini, your tipster could have got me on this one if he would have said that this is the new AppleTV. Nice try though.

  3. Alex says:

    There’s no way any advertising company would use “smallest desktop computer” as a sales pitch–it doesn’t make anyone want to buy it (the whole point of advertising).

    Also, no Apple product has ever been leaked through ad scans. Of all the companies involved in a new product, advertising companies are the last people to receive it.

    Sorry, Doc.

  4. Alex says:

    but what if they only use macbook components? I think it would fit into that size.

  5. Kamikaze28 says:

    That looks more like a photoshoppely shrinked macbook. Still it would make a nice design…

  6. Michelangelo says:

    Wow, nice MacBook-inspired fake…;)

  7. Stephen says:

    I think more people like myself want smaller desktop computers to save space. It does look like this picture has a fold up screen or something on its top. The slogan sounds just like something Apple would say and the product appearance also looks dead on. But like all mac rumors… it’s still a rumor.

  8. Thomas says:

    What’s the lid for?

  9. Bob says:

    I’m gonna go with photoshop, but its cool none the less.

  10. kcroy says:

    As far as AD slogans go I wouldn’t have thought Apple would have used “The Funnest iPod Ever.” “Funnes” is not even a real word. I think people want small desktop computers, so the slogan might work. Small is the whole point of “Mini” right?!?

    I also think the latest Nano design was leaked by it’s packaging before we ever saw the Nano, and the iPhone 3G by rubber cases, but I could be wrong on those.

    The mini is due for an update, and this certainly looks nice. I’m going to say it’s real. (What do I know? I don’t own a Mini nor am I interested in one. Bring on the iMac update.)

    PS. Doc this is the greatest two weeks of postings in the history of Macenstein. Well done.

  11. Joel says:

    As I am looking at my mac mini sitting above my airport I can see the tiny little light on. I don’t see any little light in this illustration. For some reason people need to see that light to know that the computer is on. I don’t think Apple would give it up. Being a Mac Mini owner I do look forward to the next thing but this isn’t it. Close but no Apple.

  12. Ken says:

    Looks pretty convincing to me. I would not be surprised if this materialized.

  13. The current iMac doesn’t have a power light for whatever reason, so the mini might lose it too. Though I really doubt the new mini would have what appears to be a lid on it, were this not a fake. A well-done one though.

  14. There appears to be a faint blue power light in the center, under the slot.

    -The Doc

  15. Brad says:

    My theory is someone learned about content aware scaling in CS4 and had some fun…

  16. thinkx says:

    just think.. that optical disk does take up a huge amount of space.. time to let go of another legacy?

  17. Sbee says:

    Apple doesn’t use blue led…

  18. pete says:

    Would love to see the back… Hdmi?

  19. Scott says:

    I dunno Doc, it appears to be fake simply based off of the style of the ad. This is purely a gut feeling, but apple usually has quite stylish/pretty adverts and i don’t find that to be a visually appealing mac. that said, it’d be really nice to have an uber small mac mini about the size of an airport extreme or apple tv. Let’s hope this is at least near what is coming. . .

  20. Brandon says:

    Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster gave a awesome speech on rumors and getting a lot hype going before a new product release. I think this most likely isnt real, but however i think apple has something to do with this… sure does stir up the ole hype bucket!

  21. anonymous says:

    “but what if they only use macbook components? I think it would fit into that size.”

    I don’t think that the components would fit. It seems to measure about 6 * 6 * 1 inch thick = 36 cubic inches. This is not nearly enough when you compare with the following models:
    – aluminum MacBook 12.78 * 8.94 = 114.25 square inches and is 0.95 inch thick. Volume = 108.54 cubic inches. 3 times as much cubic volume.
    – Mac mini only measures 6.5 * 6.5 = 42.25 square inches, but is 2 inches thick. Volume = 84.5 cubic inches. 2.35 times as much cubic volume.

  22. mangochutney says:

    Firstly; I believe this is a fake.

    Secondly; The design is a bit odd, that lid is sth. I wouldn’t expect on a Mac mini. Though there‘s sth. similar on the Time Capsule.

    Thirdly; That lid would make sense, if it were fixated on the back with two screws, so you could easily reach the innards of the Mac mini.

    Fourthly; I agree with the others saying that it fits the usual hype build-up. Apple could have sth. to do with it. Just remember Phil Schiller‘s appointment in iCal on his iPhone when they presented Exchange support…

  23. Older Bob says:

    Looks to be a picture taken off a computer screen so it could be Chiat/Day getting reading for Macworld the morning of Jan 7th.

    The phrase “The world’s smallest desktop computer” is very Apple, plus the font / kerning is correct.

    The case seems reasonable enough now that Apple is into their “curve” period. Looks somewhat similar to the Airport Extreme in size. The optical drive in the middle doesn’t seem plausible, but doable.

    Would love to see the back of it… but of course that won’t happen until that morning. God I hope firewire survives, but I’m not hopeful.

    So I’ll give this photo an 85% chance it is real.

  24. odin says:

    OMG! They have to redesign the Mini Stack!!!

  25. odin says:

    Also. It’s not a lid, it’s a pseudo heat sink like thingy!

  26. kosso says:

    imho a good fake based on photoshopping the new MBP.

    The dvd drive would take up most of the room in the case that big.

    But I do think the ‘MacNano’ will look very similar and will be built using the same ‘one-block’ process as the new MBPs.

  27. Older Bob says:

    Just a thought, the top could come off to reveal 2, 2.5 inch drive bays which has been rumored because of Time Machine. Apple could sell a single drive unit and a 2 drive unit for $200 more 🙂

    And correction on my above post… there is a dumb typo, but the Keynote is tuesday morning of Jan 6th, not 7th.

    Lastly, a friend pointed out the image just looks like a new MacBook squeezed together with a slot added. And the light in the front wouldn’t be green or blue it would be white. hum…

  28. MacSheikh says:

    Come on, one look and I can straight away tell it’s fake!

    Since when does an Apple ad has Macenstein’s url on them?! What are we, a-holes?


  29. @MacSheikh,


    -The Doc

  30. bmonzing says:

    Absolutely not.

  31. Minimum91 says:

    I may be a sucker for good design, but what’s the point of making aluminum enclosures for that kind of computer? I mean really, the enclosure only makes the Wi-Fi Signal Worse.

  32. JD says:

    I had a go with the design…

    I actually like it, if it was physically possible of course. But knowing apple design anything goes if you are willing to under power a device **cough** appleTV **cough**…

    Note: I own both an apple tv and macbook, a mixture of the two as the next ultra small hdmi ready portable mac mini would be a dream… Imagine being able to carry a wifi ready itunes streamer/internet tv tuner with a 250GB hd and can connect to a monitor and tv by plugging in 2 cords… I would buy 3 in a heartbeat…

  33. Hmm Thomas the lid esq thing is no weirder that what is on the Airport Extreme. I like Odin’s idea that its a heat sink.

    I hope this is real, I really like the look of it. I’ve been holding off getting a mini for ages as I wanted one with better specs & N wireless.

  34. Tice says:

    I think it could be. Shure, the design repeats the Laptops, but wouldn’t it be logic? The size is possible. Even if this is a fake (what I think) it could be the right direction.

  35. No IR port for the remote? My mini has a small sensor on the right side of the slot loader, not seeing it here. Plus, that thing is butt ugly! Personally I would rather have a mid sized mac with a few PCI ports, room for 4 2.5 SAS or SATA drives and an optical drive. That would kick ass.

  36. Damon says:

    The LED on the TV is a faint light and def has some blue undertones.

  37. Michael says:

    That’s not a lid, it’s probably for the device to breathe in the same way as the airport extreme and time capsule. With so much packed in a tight space, it needs to stay cool.

  38. matt says:

    could be for real – size is mor likely 6.5 * 6.5 * 1.5 (compare to apple macbook view, where the CD slot can be seen)

    a godd deal of macbooks .95″ height comes from the screen, lets say 0.15 ” –> MB volume at 91.4 cube”
    vs macmini concept: 63.4 cube”

    – less reinforcement necessary for the mini, as it´s closer to a cubic form, –> more stable –> more space for innards

    – less reinforcement necessary for the mini, as it´s usually not carried around –> more space for innards

    – no incorporated keyboard taking up space –> more space for innards

    that really could work

    if you then take into account, that (although I´d hate that) the new mini will be derived from the macbook air (less heat, less need for cooling, smaller 1.8″ HD or SSD as in the ipod classic), I think that size is actually quite feasible.


  39. says:

    i think its definately possible for this to be the new mac mini.
    the lip thingy is present in the airport express and time capsules.
    i think its definately possible.
    if i had the money, i would buy it.
    given that the specs were ALOT better than the current mini’s.

  40. anonymous says:

    @matt: Hey maybe you’re onto something. A lot of people would complain about these decisions, though. 🙂

    The Mac mini must have a small footprint, that’s pretty much the whole point. Thinness is not that important and the only solution to achieve a small footprint is to mount the components on top of each other. In this case, it’s difficult to make the Mac mini thinner. As you said, Apple could replace the 2.5-inches hard drive with a slimmer 1.8-inch drive (maybe SSD) or ditch the optical drive, a la MacBook Air. It could make sense marketing wise, and at least SSD drives are fast (but still expensive per GB).

  41. matt says:

    @anon – thanks

    SSD prices are coming down rapidly – and apple with its volume discounts could save substantially on top of that.
    and there´s no need really to have more than a 64GB SSD in the base model
    a 16GB USB pendrive costs about $30 here in spain, so taking into account margins for retail, wholesale & manufacturer, apple would pay at most $10 per 16GB or $40 for 64GB – not unlikely

  42. Andy says:

    Guys, you are all missing the point that this image is identical to one on apples website with a tiny bit of photoshopping!

    I know apple like to keep there products consistent design wise but this is a carbon copy!!!

  43. “What’s the lid for?”

    Easy expansion – CPU, hard drive replacement. It’s supposed to be a DESKTOP (i.e., Pro) model, remember. I think this is a for-real product, and a significant Mini upgrade.

  44. thethirdshoe says:

    It’s a starter brick!

    The lid comes off, you stack on another component, then put the lid back on.

  45. ERIC says:


    I think if ANY company would use such marketing, Apple would. They are the same company that put a TV ad on ONLY for their Mighty Mouse. whoopdee doo!

  46. Barkley says:

    Whats coming will be smaller, will keep a DVD drive and will be pushed heavily as Apple TV deluxe. A true Windows Media Center challenger.

    I expect an HDMI port, enhanced Front Row experience, wireless keyboard, mouse and remote bundle.

  47. john says:

    Absolutely fake – EXIF data says “Created: Application: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh”.

    Why doesn’t anyone check this stuff (including the people faking it)?

    Besides, it’s an obviously simple manipulation of the new MacBook images and based on those proportions there wouldn’t be room for any electronics in addition to that SuperDrive anyway.

    As far as the lid, this is supposed to be their cheapest machine and a display is one of the most expensive components of a computer – it certainly wouldn’t be integrated.

    To the one who said that this is a desktop machine and therefore a pro machine – are you forgetting that this is the cheapest computer Apple offers? The Mac Pro is the pro machine – not the Mini. The Mini is an entry level machine with minimal upgrade capabilities and that’s it. Why would they make a lid for that anyway? The current latch mechanism on the new MacBooks makes much more sense and this is mockup is seemingly emulating that design.

    Come on guys…

  48. kirk says:

    john, I’m not claiming “fake” or “real” here, but before you jump on anyone for not checking the EXIF data, you need to think about how Macenstein applied their watermark, or even resized the image. Just because the EXIF says Photoshop doesn’t mean the image was created there.

  49. .NetRolller 3D says:

    Mac Air?

  50. Tal says:

    I believe this to be the versatile build to order MacNano.
    $499- Stand Alone. (Lid Sealed or None Provided?)
    $699- With built in 7′ monitor and keyboard.
    $899- With built in 7′ monitor and keyboard, 5 hour battery

    This product will allow Apple to continue selling the low form factor / low cost desktop computer to PC switchers, but also allow Apple to test the rising waters of the portable sub compact market.

    Using the same basic core design will allow Apple to keep manufacturing cost down while still providing a very versatile Mac that can move into many different markets.

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