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No wonder it’s the number 1 app on iTunes…

I’m guessing a lot of the sales of iFart Mobile are based on insecure people looking to be the life of the party at holiday gatherings this week, so it will be interesting to see how sales hold up next week. Luckily for me I can save the 99¢, as I was blessed/cursed with the ability to make all those sounds without an iPhone. But still, if I was in the market for a farting app, this one seems fairly… potent.

Above: Wow, Is there anything this app can’t do?

2 Responses to “No wonder it’s the number 1 app on iTunes…”
  1. Tice says:

    Some way I feel sorry for people who are actually buying that app.

  2. Imagine Engine says:

    Anything that brings laughter in someones life putting a smile on their face is worth it. Though seriously fart jokes are really old.

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