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Snow Leopard pics leaked

German site Sevenmac has posted a slew of alleged leaked pics of Snow Leopard, if you care.

Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard pics

For some reason I can never get excited about pics like this that basically show the “Get info” screen of various apps with a slightly updated version number from what I am currently running, especially for a largely “performance update” vs. a “feature update”, as Snow Leopard is said to be, but I figured I’d let you know where to find them if you are into that sort of thing. And speak German.

Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard pics

Thanks to faithful Macesntein reader Jimmy for the tip!

8 Responses to “Snow Leopard pics leaked”
  1. Impaler says:

    .Mac? Not buying it. I’m calling BS.

  2. jeff says:

    Fake. No trackpad pref pane either.

  3. Dasutin says:

    If you look at the pic where it shows the info for, those screen shots were taken June 1st 2008, before MobileMe and the Trackpad pref pane was introduced.

  4. odin says:

    I hope they totally make another cool intro video! I reinstall my mac over and over again just to watch it… In reality I hope they don’t rush Snow Leopard to beat out Windows 7 on launch. I also wish they’d support G5’s at the least as I only own 1 Intel Mac currently.

  5. flo says:

    first, in the screenshot of mail, the date is the changing date of the file, not the current date

    and my mac mini has no trackpad pref pane too, so why shouldn’t they been taken on a non-trackpad-mac

    but I don’t like such screenshots too

  6. f2thed says:

    it’s pretty easy to edit the text in the os x “about” window once you find the appropriate text files. google it

  7. Marcus13 says:

    Hi odin!
    I like too the Mac OS X Intro video, here is it for you ( and if you download it, then you will be able to see the video without reinstalling your operating system. 😀

  8. Shervin says:

    Can’t wait… bring it on Apple… 10.6 baby
    but those pix don’t look real 😛

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