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Apple releases iPhone firmware update 2.2.1 with tons of new features!

HAHAHAHA… OK, here’s what it really does..
This update contains bug fixes and improvements, including the following:
– Improved general stability of Safari
– Fixed issue where some images saved from Mail do not display correctly in the Camera Roll

iPhone firmware

Well thank GOD! I knew that when Palm announced their new touch screen Pre that the healthy competition would light a fire of innovation under Apple’s ass, and I was right!

14 Responses to “Apple releases iPhone firmware update 2.2.1 with tons of new features!”
  1. Jonro says:

    We need to look for the hidden messages from Apple to the True Believers. This is obviously their way of telling us that the really important software update will be released on 2/21!

  2. fractured says:

    Apple is addressing issues I have personally experienced. This is a good thing. Now, on to Copy/Paste and the unified mail box, right?

  3. dizzy says:

    I actually ran into the image problem when trying to save my electronic boarding pass for American Airlines to my camera roll. I had to work around it by using the screen shot method, but would have been nice if it worked correctly and now I guess it will.

  4. Phil says:

    …the only thing that I can think of as something new coming to the iPhone with this update is the new iPhoto slideshows. But maybe that doesn’t have anything to do with it…

  5. SANTANA says:


  6. iShervin says:

    i dont care about the safari, and those pictures from mail! but I just do this update bcoz it says bug fixes !!! (like if i know what bugs there are) 😛 lol

  7. iShervin says:

    ONE more thing!
    I did have problem with my MP3 files skipping time to time! apparently it’s fixed in 2.2.1
    in case if you have had skipping then this will help 😉

  8. Rohit Akhauri says:

    It’s an useless update for me at least. I have never had an issue with Safari crashes. I can save all the email attachment using iDownload available in Apple App Store.

  9. kelly says:


  10. alex says:

    Safari DOES crash all the time, it’s really annoying…
    But I agree with Santana, it’s totally meant to try to stop (or delay) the unlocking…

    But I guess this means Apple’s focusing a little bit more on the mac side, right?

  11. dizzy says:

    @kelly isn’t it always about the same size download as there aren’t incremental updates to the iPhone OS?

    I also don’t think apple really cares as much as you think about unlocking. I mean I guess they have some legal pressure from att to try to prevent it, but besides that it just means more phones being sold and more apps being bought. The only loser would be att.

  12. Imagine Engine says:

    Another useless update. When is Apple going to provide a feature rich update so we can have tethering, A2DP, copy/paste, the ability to theme our iPhone OS GUI and video recording? I can get everything I listed here with the exception of A2DP by jailbreaking my iPhone 3G. Consumers shouldn’t have to void their Apple iPhone warranty just to have features that come as standard in competitor products.

  13. Chris says:

    2.2.1 seems like a meaningless update but these are 2 problems I have personally experienced and been annoyed with.

  14. royorbs says:

    Lol Doesn’t seem to innovative to me… Apple just trying to combat the dev teams unlock … Too bad fir them. I probly willwait till the next1. There’s like 1 a month anyhow

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