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I just threw up in my mouth a little

Not to keep harping on what does and does not warrant an age appropriate rating in the iTunes app store, but for the love of God, this man’s ASSHOLE IS CLEARLY VISIBLE!

iPhone fart machine

My favorite line in the description of Fart Machine:

“With lots of realistic sounding farts and nice animations, this machine is state of the fart.”

NICE animations?
How “nice” can they be? I’m not saying the iPhone doesn’t need 50 or 60 farting applications – it clearly does – but… that man’s ASSHOLE IS CLEARLY VISIBLE!

9 Responses to “I just threw up in my mouth a little”
  1. jonro says:

    iPhone Goatse?

  2. Juball says:

    First thought was Goatse.

    Apple definitely dropped the ball on this one, especially considering apps are supposedly screened.

  3. mangochutney says:

    Tasteless. What were they thinking?

  4. Alex says:

    What if it was a picture of a woman doing that? Apple, for shame. For shame.

  5. devin says:

    For all we know it IS a woman.

  6. modiglian says:

    if it were Jessica Biel posing, I would buy it.

  7. Isegrim says:

    Is there a way to inform Apple about crap like this?

  8. krism says:

    I agree, assholes are completely unnatural and no one should ever be forced to look at even a cartoonish representation of one.

  9. tz says:

    That is a woman, she has no balls!
    And I am storming off to tell my nieghbors they need to put pants on their dog, whose anus is always visible.

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