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Know when to fold ’em with Dollar Origami

Finally, a new way to piss off your waiter other than that thing where you put an upside-down glass of water on the tip. Dollar Origami is a new iTunes application that shows you step-by-step instructions on how to fold your paper money into a wide variety of shapes that ALMOST resemble things. From elephants to tie-fighters, you can now leave your tips in a range of crumpled up shapes.

Above: Trust me, these look about as good as they can without some sort of cheating.

The app doesn’t really give you any information you can’t readily find on existing websites, but the handy little 1-click app does provide an easy way to access a decent selection of tutorials. Unfortunately, there is very little consistency to the instructions, and most seem to be pulled from other websites. The Yoda tutorial, for example, has no written instructions, and I will be damned if anyone without the force can make him.

Above: I suspect a little glue was used here….

Still, since you are working with a dollar bill here, the results, even if they are less than perfect, seem to earn a little more leniency than traditional origami. Dollar Origami is true to its name, and only costs a buck, and for that price, and the ability to impress the easily impressed while out to dinner, we say it’s worth it.

7 Responses to “Know when to fold ’em with Dollar Origami”
  1. Jane says:

    Those are way cute!

  2. Adduc says:

    Would love to have a general Origami app on the iTunes App Store.

  3. Kuzya says:

    heh … bad that I don’t have an iPhone 🙁

  4. iShervin says:

    this is so American… 🙂

  5. roy says:

    wouldnt work with our money it is plastic u americas are so outdated

  6. Tice says:

    Unfortunately the Euro money has no faces anymore (like the old German money: )

    With faces you can make even more folding fun…

  7. Nano says:

    I too was interested in this app when it came out but something didn’t sit well with me. For starters the TIE fighter is a blatant rip-off of copyrighted material by Won Park. He has never released diagrams for it. They also include his Koi Fish.

    Won and many others in his Yahoo! Groups had the app pulled. Origami is far more serious to some and popular now than you’d think. I’ve been doing it for 30+ years and Money folding for about 3.

    *Everyone* loves them. I’m often approached and requested to make something. There’s a great feeling when you can complete something so complex it takes 3 hours. Anyhow…

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