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iPhone Engrish of the day: Reversi and Sexy Girl

If you flip through the screen shots, Reversi and Sexy Girl appears to basically be the game Othello, but you wouldn’t know it from this description in iTunes. In fact, you might think you are going to get laid if you win…

Reversi and Sexy Girl
Above: “Nomal”?

Reversi and Sexy girl

It sprouts and plays “Reversi” with a beautiful girl. (Is it a cow?)
Three phases of strength. When I won in “HARD”, is there any reward?

How to play:
I part from white in black and leave the tile of one’s color in turn.
I can put the tile only in the place that can sandwich the tile of the partner between length / the side / slippage by all means on this occasion. The tile of the partner whom I was able to be sandwiched in between is reversed and turns into the color of the person whom I sandwiched.
When I cannot put a tile, I become it in order of a partner successively.
A person with many tiles of one’s color is finally a victory.

When I won a game, I can watch a reward image.
Be stirred up lightly if I win in “HARD

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Florian for the tip!

10 Responses to “iPhone Engrish of the day: Reversi and Sexy Girl”
  1. MacSheikh says:

    Lol! Made my day, as always!

    Thanks, Doc! Almost made me feel better after not winning a damn thing in your Christmas Giveaway. Almost. 😀

  2. Frank says:

    I <3 online translators.

  3. Dave-O says:

    But have you won in “HARD” yet?

  4. mangochutney says:


    Sorry, but the correct answer to this question; “But have you won in “HARD” yet?”, is:

    I always win in “HARD”.

  5. iShervin says:

    In fact, you might think you are going to get laid if you win…

  6. alex says:

    I didn’t know how to play Reversi before I read this.
    Still don’t.

    And the cherry on top (look at the first screenshot on AppStore):
    she has horns, a tail, A FREAKING COWBELL and a glass of milk.
    I mean, a cow?! Really?

  7. Kensei says:

    For great win mighty truth for one. ;p

  8. ajcooper says:

    We’ll ignore the fact that the only level other than Easy and Hard is “NOMAL”. 😉

  9. odin says:

    You get is a cartoon strip show for winning in hard?

  10. Kyle B says:

    LOL big time at the use of the word “slippage”.

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